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One day a bear is chasing a rabbit through the forest, when the rabbit trips over a lamp, (carelessly left by Aladdin on his last caravanning holiday) and out pops a genie. The pair stop dead and stair at the genie with open mouths, as the genie sizes them both up. "Well" he says "you shall both get 3 wishes each, but make them wise wishes". The bear snaps too and bellows "I'll go first you stupid rabbit"

"Ok" says the genie "What's is your first wish?"
"I want all the bears in this forest to be female"
"Randy old sod"says the genie "but fair enough all the bears in the forest are now female, and what's is your first wish?" he ask's the rabbit.
"I'd like a crash helmet" replies the rabbit
"A crash helmet" Exclaim both the bear and genie
"Yep a crash helmet"confirms the rabbit
"Ok" and the rabbit gets a crash helmet
"Time for my second wish" shout the bear "I want all the bears on this cotenant to be female as well"
"Sure you'll have time?" asks the genie, who receives a firm shake of the bears head in reply "OK done"
"Is it my turn again"asks the rabbit timidly
"Yes it is my fury little friend"
"then I would like a new motoX bike to go with my new helmet" requests the rabbit and so he gets a nice shinny motoX bike
"For my final wish" blurts the bear, hardly taking notice of the rabbit "I want all the remaining bears in the world to be female"
"As you wish" the genie grants, smiling at the rabbit "and your final wish is?"

The rabbit does up his helmet, jumps on his bike and kick's it into life, revs the throttle and shout's

Scroll down

Come on you should have guessed this by now

"I wish the bear was gay" as he rides off quikly in to the forest

Boom Boom
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