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I've got a small collection of cinema stuff that i'm considering selling.

2 The Dark Knight Banners - £50 delivered (sell for £150+ each on eGay) - it is just the one in the middle only

Batman one has slight tear from tennis ball hitting it (was bored at work :chuckle:)

"The World Is Not Enough" Poster - £35 delivered
2 Jennifer's Body posters - £10 delivered each or £15 delivered for both
A Christmas Carol Banner - £10 delivered
2 " Disney UP" Banners - £15 delivered each,£20 delivered for both
8 Mile Banner - £10 delivered
2 Roadkill Banners - £15 delivered

Banner's approx 7ft by 5ft in size,poster are either quad's or A1 size

I've got loads more stuff that I can't remember,will get picture's of the actual item's on sunday,will consider offer's on everything.
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