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The GTRDC, in association with RaceLogic, presents: - A Day on a Runway'

The GTRDC is delighted to announce the first of our headline events on August 5th 2018 at Kendrew Barracks, Cottesmore.

A mile long Runway awaits you and we will have the full day to run VMAX over a one mile run, 30-130 kindly supported by our friends at RaceLogic with VBOX equipment and a Timed Sprint circuit challenging enough for the nimble Skylines but not too twisty for the 35s. The day is being run by the brilliant team at Javelin Trackdays and will be fully staffed, marshalled and organised by their team. Javelin will also be managing the VMAX timing.

The GTRDC will have a team there to assist further, help with timing and, most importantly, keep the leader boards updated. The event is open to everyone no matter what type, make and model of car but you must, obviously, be a member of the GTR Drivers Club in order to attend. If you aren't a member you can easily join when you book your slot.

The evening before the team will be hosting a pre-event social at a local hotel!

The aim was to make the location as central as possible (given that we still needed a runway) and hopefully the weather will be kind too. Some more detail (please read carefully!):

* Pre event social - Saturday August 4th 2018 at a local hotel
* Day on a Runway - August 5th 2018 @ Kendrew Barracks, Cottesmore
* 0830-1700 full day event
* 1 Mile long VMAX run (single car runs)
* 30-130 Runs - measured by RaceLogic VBOX (you can combine 30-130 and VMAX runs of course)
* Timed Sprint Handling circuit
* Passengers will be allowed on runs on all three disciplines but must have covered arms, legs and wear a Helmet
* Prizes for 1st to 3rd in 30-130, VMAX and Handling Time categories supported by:
* Hot food/burger van and coffee onsite all day
* Inside area in case of inclement weather
* Non-members may place their names down immediately of course but the discounted pricing will only be available to those who joined the club prior to the announcement
* Payment may be made through Paypal or Credit/Debit card through the GTRDC website shop
* Helmets and covered arms and legs are mandatory for drivers and passengers. Helmets will be available for hire on the day from Javelin.
* All competitors MUST have a IOPD License purchasable on the day for £5 (cash only)
* Safety is key so all competitors are subject to the Javelin Trackdays Risk Awareness / Indemnity Form and attendance will be strictly limited to those who have passed security checks. For the avoidance of doubt there we are afraid there will be absolutely no admission for anyone who has not been registered and passed the required checks a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the events. This is a live Military base and we must respect their rules.
* Security checks for ALL attendees (passengers, support crew and competitors) is mandatory and must be completed at least one week prior to the event.
* Obviously absolutely no Drugs or Alcohol
* No Dogs/Pets will be allowed

* Maximum 75 cars for the day to assure good amounts of running
* Existing Members will be given preferential sign up rates and first chance to book their space
* Just £125 per car (including a passenger) for the first 30 cars and open to current GTRDC members only for the first week after launch
* £150 per car (including a passenger) for the next 45 cars
* £160 per car (including a passenger) for non-members. Includes a year membership of the GTRDC!
* Non-members are very welcome to put their names down on the list and, subject to space, will then be given first opportunity to pay in a week, after the member sign up window.

We believe this is the only event of this type running this year and we are really looking forward to welcoming everyone to the event irrespective of if you are old or new to the club or the GT-R community. It will be a friendly (but mildly competitive) day where all manner of cars can stretch their legs in a safe environment. Whether running a drag car, big power 35 or want to test your skills on the handling circuit there is something for everyone. Not least the chance to meet up, put a face to Forum names and enjoy our cars.

We look forward to seeing you all there the shop is now open

The GTRDC Team. Please add your names in or post up that you are attending and we will do it for you!

1. rog350z. - TDOAR and Premier Inn - PAID
2. Tin - Event & prem inn PAID
3. RSVFOUR - event & Prem Inn PAID
4. Papa Smurf - event & Prem Inn PAID
5. Charles Charlie - event and Prem Inn PAID
6. Sidepipe - event and Premier Inn - PAID
7. gtrmart - event PAID
8. Dr_Dave_W (c/o gtrmart) - event PAID
9. Barry P. (in an Italian 2wd thing)
10. tgreer - event and Premier Inn PAID.
11. Alex mallia event and premier inn PAID
12. Big Stewy - event and prem inn PAID
12b. Wosisnim
14. tonigmr2 - Off to pay...
15. Mudflap - Event and Prem Inn PAID
16. stevebrooks - Event PAID and Prem Inn
17. Alexinphuket - Event PAID
18. Steve Event PAID and Prem Inn
19. Badders PAID
20. DuncDriver - event PAID
21. VXRCymru - Event and Premier Inn PAID
22. PurleSkyline 1 PAID
23. PurleSkyline 2 PAID
24. Mundeany PAID
25. Edd Lloyd PAID
26. Welshzilla PAID
27. draeburn

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Fantastic News, Iain Litchfield is now supporting this event and will be there with his team and their laptops etc to support this major event.

Iain will be able to do clutch learns and diagnostic work, change wheels and the occasional set of pads. He cannot re-map on the day or update versions of maps, but his support will be invaluable.

Thank you Iain and his team of merry helpers.

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It's looking like a great day with a lot of attendees guys so get your names down before we sell out! :)

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Still some places left for this great event, add your name in the GTRDC events section and then head over to the GTRDC website and pay in the club shop.
It doesn't have to be a GTR, if you have any mates with interesting cars that would like to enter they are very welcome.
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