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While she was up on the ramp at RB's recently I had a look at how far the rust was progressing. I had noticed a few bubbles underneath the rear arches earlier this year. They were slightly worse but I hadn't noticed how bad the spot just behind the rear wheels had got!:bawling: The paint was flaking badly and it looked a real mess! It took me an a few hours with a Dremel to realise (why does this still surprise me Doh!) that the job was well and truly beyond me.
A friend of mine recommended a painter called Paul who in fact turned out to be a real star and a genuine enthusiast to boot (His '85 911 is Perfect inside and out)

I ended up getting the car undersealed, the rear arched dewormed and the rear panel resprayed. He also fixed my cracked front bumper, parking scuffs and tidied up a few dings on the rear bumper. All that and still change from £500. He even gave me a lift from Preston to Manchester when I dropped the car off. Love the guy!

Anyway this gives me a good excuse to post few picks of how she's progressing ([email protected] day for photo's though)

You can just see the underseal line

Cheers Folks
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