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Introducing the “NEW” GTROC Pembury iPad & Tablet members folder.

Manufactured from high quality reach compliant PU imitation leather, this folder comes in an A4 size which is able to accommodate iPads & most tablet PC’s in its soft feel sleeve.
Inside these folders are USB holders, a pen loop, a twenty page recycled notepad, mesh pocket & business card slots.
The perfect place to keep all your GTR or Skyline information, track day and social event details as well as anything else you need when travelling away either with the GTROC or on your own!
It also doesn’t look out of place in any meeting rooms either!

The folder does form part of the initial GTROC Executive Lifetime Members pack as of today (08/04/2014) and please note we do not do part exchanges for the previous GTROC Members folders if you recently received one of those ... someone will ask :chuckle:

However this the opportunity to buy one in case one isnt enough, or your an Annual Member of forum user :p

These can be purchased in the GTROC Online Shop here. for just £19.99 plus postage.

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