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A GTS25T R33, yep I have one for sale, 1998 - not too many of these around (all the rest are '97).

Genuine 19200 miles on the clock - I have had it for two years and have only put 2500 mls on, so it needs someone to make
the most of it.

I haven't made any mods to it as the insurance where I am is already too high(I should have moved to the country...+ I had no no claims).

It is silver mettalic, has a Cat 1 alarm/immobiliser, electric mirrors, windows & sunroof, twin air bags, Sony car stereo, power steering, limited slip diff and air cond.

Now, I know most people want a GTR, but this baby has all the looks - and gets all the looks and has got more than enough power, for about half the price. (except for the guy selling the V-spec with the high mileage).

Price you ask? just £11,000, anyone selling one of the same spec for less must have got one hell of a deal or is losing more money than I am... I have some good pics if you want to e-mail me at the addr below.

Contact details: [email protected] or
ph: 0778-996-0567 and leave a msg.
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