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It seems to be, when something is exceptional, beyond expectation, heart-warmingly good, people find the urge to find fault. Criticise. It’s often true that people will only comment on something when they have something negative t o say, and these negative voices out weigh a wave of silent positives.

So, Below are some often misinterpreted negatives associated with the R35 GTR. Most are based in fact and personal experience, but distorted by the “INTERNETZ” or by people who have no first hand Experience.

So, lets start with a biggy.

“If you crash a new GTR at Slow speeds, you will be looking at a HUGE bill, in excess of 10k for just a shunt”

Original source -

This story was started, quite genuinely, by a member involved in a low speed shunt. He wanted to pay the repair bill away from the insurers and was quoted 11k. This got posted and spread around the web like Wildfire! The fact is, this bill was raised by the repair agent, and the prices shown do not reflect the true cost of parts or labour for the New GTR. Having investigated extensively, there was found to be an error in the pricing of the parts involved. So much so, that Nissan released the following statement.

Issue of a high repair bill for a low speed front impact on a GT-R

"As a company we cannot comment in any detail on an individual customer case. This is a private matter and we are currently in contact with the customer, his insurance company and the dealer to help resolve this particular situation.

What we can confirm is that Nissan has a policy of continuous improvement, and as such is constantly reviewing parts prices, suppliers, and customers’ feedback. In this instance, thanks to the comments received, we have discovered a computing error regarding the price of the actuators and this has now been rectified.

Nissan apologises for any inconvenience this may have caused and if there should be any customers who have purchased such components at the incorrect price they will be fully reimbursed with the difference. However, based on the level of product demand we believe this was the first time such an instance has occurred.

The GT-R has been designed to meet the latest legal and safety standards for all new cars. This innovative pop up bonnet system is required as there is insufficient clearance between the bonnet and the top of the engine to comply with the European directive 70/156/ EEC as amended by 2003/ 102/ EC for pedestrian safety.

For your information the bonnet system only operates if the bumper is hit in a certain way and under a series of strict parameters. Not every time you bump the bumper, or if the vehicle is stationary."

The GTR will be expensive to repair. It’s a modern, highly technological sports car, but not to the extremes suggested by this incident. It is a supercar for less than you’d expect, but the cost of parts, maintenance and servicing may well be in-line with more expensive marques.

“If you turn off the VDC You invalidate your Warranty”

original source - All over the forum and web!!

This was perhaps the biggest issue facing GTR owners. and here is the truth!

In October 2009 Nissan Confirmed that:
Mechanical failure encountered while driving with ESP Off is covered by warranty

Confirmation in writing from the HPCs to the owners is awaited.

“You need to take the car to Nissan before and after every trackday and they charge
a fortune each time””

original source -

“I’ve heard that the bottom end is prone to failure if you travel at high speeds for extended periods, such as on the Autobahn”

Original source -

Engine failure (with Cobb AP) after 315km/h on the autobahn, on the first batch of LHD European cars.

Initial Warranty claim is rejected as ECU mods would void the warranty..

Failure of the Crankshaft Bearings due to under lubrication becomes a known issue on early cars in Germany and Belgium and Sweden (10 so far in Sweden). Exact reason for this unknown at this time, however there are two reports of blockage on the oil pick up pipe due to excess sump gasket sealant being sucked in.

New engine and turbos replaced free of charge under warranty but after legal action and some time.

There has not been a single failure of a UK car in the UK.

No recall in the public domain and Nissan announcement pending….

“I’ve heard reports of them rusting?!?!?”

Original source -

The truth is, some of the nuts and bolts on the new GTR are prone to rusting. Pretty much like they are on a lot of other cars. This rust can stain the carbon undertray and appear unsightly, but is in no way structural. There are suggestion the problem may only affect JDM cars but has yet to be seen.
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