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Hi guys n girls,

New to the forum and to skylines. Just had some questions i thought you guys might be able to help me out on.

After putting my first car (Nissan pintara) into the ground basicly im thinking about buying a new car. Looking at a R32 GTR at the moment but i don't really know to much about them.

Im on my P plate (Australian) and where not aloud to drive any cars with a turbo on it so here is my dilemma.

Roughly, if i want to take the turbo off a 32 GTR what needs to be done, will it basicly ruin the car (I been told it'll run like crap... like real crap) and how much am i looking at to get it done?

Is there a way I can hide the turbo somewhere maybe undercarrage? or just turn it off (don't think i'll get away with that?)

Or am I better off just getting a GTS non turbo (If i;m going to do that my budget might let me go for a R33 GTS and one last thing, if i do go for a GTS do you think im better off going the R32 or 33?

Thanks in advance for the help, new to learning about the car but very eger to learn about these monsters :)
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