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Too busy to visit for long period of time lately,so a few replies

nice photos.

How did that skyline do? thats the one with the HKS racing 2.8L high deck engine..
Blew a turbo at the Donny preview weekend and had gearbox problems before round 1, but Raef said he would contest a few rounds in 2007 with it :smokin:

I was just about to ask the same thing!! Noise regs? Cant of been that great for aerodynamics!

Anyone know anything about that 206?
The 206 has Cosworth running gear in a WRC shell (mighty fast) and is now for sale - Time Attack Series - News

Simon still got into the Super Battle with the external silencer

Donny are notorious for sound regs,which is odd with the 24/7 East Midlands Airport next door :mad:

Few more GTR's to compete in 2007 :smokin:
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