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Everyone who is dealing with this knows the story...for my car its about 1000 -1050 RPM when full warm.

Recently I saw a post that talked about some kind of rubberized paint that is applied to the throttle bodies - if this is true, then I cleaned all of this off when I had my inlet apart for leaky gasket replacement. And now, there is 5-6 thou clearance between the throttle butterfly and the housing. Just about enough to jack up the idle.

If the rubber paint is supposed to seal the throttles, then this is the likely cause of my phantom too fast idle. It has been a couple of years since I had the intake off (the first time), and I recall that there WAS a really gummy layer of deposits around where the throttle...I remember thinking that it was rather strange to have such thick deposits I cleaned it all off.

The real bummer is that I just had the intake off when fitting a Nismo plenum...and I almost reset the throttle plates a bit closer to reduce air flow, but I didn't, now I wish I had.

For those who also have the fast idle condition, did you happen to clean the throttle housings?
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