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I know you guys all rave about PW Pro so i guess I'm preaching to the converted but wanted to share my PW Pro Detailing experience with fellow GTR lovers anyway :) I booked my GTR in for a days detailing at PW Pro a few weeks back after showing him the car and then had a 5 or 6 hour cleaning session myself to give him a head start.

Firstly I had to change drop off and collection date last minute due to unforeseen circumstances - no problem to Paul

Secondly he then offered to take me back to Chesterfield which saved me a load of hassle

I gave him a list of a few things I wanted focusing on - he did a great job of them all including a few that I had forgotten with no extra charge

Once complete, Paul then popped down and opened up just for me so that I could collect my car on a bank holiday - THANK YOU!

Most importantly the finish is fantastic, I did upgrade the wax to SwissVax Crystal Rocks and Endurance and it really shows. When i got home there was the usual new dirt on the back so I grabbed the hosepipe and carefully rinsed it off and much to my amazement 99% of the dirt just slid!

Top guy, top team, top service, top setup, fair pricing - very impressed!! :)

Also here is the link to a few photographs that he took for me:
Nissan GTR | PW Pro)
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