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Guy R- i need to speak to you re the above, will send you a p.m but also wanted to put it up on here incase!

for the skyline gang, just a reminder that the sunday 4th august is the big shootout at elvington airfield.
if anyone wants to spectate, please fill in the register on the website so we can get a feel for numbers. (ignore £10 per person, its been set at £8 p person entry now, website will be ammended)

I'm pleased to announce that Abbey Motorsport have kindly stpped in and will be presenting trophies for fastest skyline, plus a prize of some dyno time with them.

hopefully a short promo vid on the site this weekend, from our test day, includings tims BIG spin in his skyline!

ps test day 28th July, same venue, open to anyone, £30 for the full day for head to head drag runs.
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