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Here we have the sale of my beautiful piano key black Sony Vaio VG-NAR21S.
as far as i'm aware it's the top model laptop sony make and is brand new.

Basically i had a high spec HP pavillion which got damaged, and the insurance sent me this as a replacement. However in the time they took to get it to me i'd bought myself another lappy, so this one they've sent me, which is BRAND NEW and comes boxed etc is up for sale.

It's got a 1080p HI- Definition screen, Blu-Ray dvd drive, Media centre remote, and loads of other gnarly features.

can't begin to remember half the stuff it's got, intel core 2 duo processors, 200 gig or 250 HDD, can't remember but i'll check. Awesome screen, Vista Ready, 2 gig ram, top of the range cpu, and boy does it look sleek in piano key black with the chrome trim. It really is awesome.

comes with XP pro media centre edition and a media centre remote, which also works with the xbox 360. It's got an awesome 17 inch widescreen TFT as mentioned 1080p hi definition, crystal clear pictures.

used it for about 2 weeks and it retails at anywhere from 1750 to 2000+.

full spec can be found here Sony VAIO VGN-AR21S BLU-RAY Notebook PC - FREE Beginner’s Skype Kit (Earbud with Microphone, Skype Software and 30 minutes of Skype PC to phone talk time) - Micro Anvika UK

first person to give me 1300 pounds gets it. plus delivery, which will be some form of secure courier or whatever you prefer :)

As it's new there's very little on it, but it'll be sold as it arrived, as the vaio's have a start from fresh type backup facility.

any questions feel free to ask :)


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