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(Standing start to 1.25 miles distance)

Class No. Name Car Speed
C55 Ronnie Skyline R33 GTR 196.6mph
C76 Norris Designs Mitsubishi Evo 5 187
B26 Leon Green Toyota Supra Turbo 185
C54 Rupert Jarron Skyline R33 GTR 184
B37 Paul Ergatoudis Porsche 911 GT2 183
C50 Mike Smith Skyline R33 GTR 179
B20 Paul Whiffin Toyota Supra Turbo 178
C56 Andy Barnes Skyline R33 GTR 178
B31 Derek Burleigh/Tony RS Cosworth 177
C57 Henry Skyline R33 GTR 177
B33 Steve Scott Focus WRC 177
C58 Glen Horncastle Skyline R34 GTR 176
B42 Sarah Bell Dodge Viper GTS 174
B23 Ian Chisholm Toyota Supra TT 174
B39 Nadine Geary Dodge Viper GTS 174
B32 Mark Shead RS Cosworth 174
C92 Gareth Lloyd Escort Cosworth 173
C90 Kevin Sharp Escort Cosworth 171
B24 Lee Burley Toyota Supra TT 171
B30 Andy Wornell RS 500 Cosworth 170
C93 Sean Bicknell Escort Cosworth 168
C53 Ged McDaid Skyline R33 GTR 168
B40 Joel English Dodge Viper GTS 168
C86 Tim Whiteside Subaru Impreza 2000 166
C94 Lee Cattermole Escort Cosworth 165
B28 Ashley Willis/Rob Drye Toyota Supra TT 164
C51 Talat Skyline R34 GTR 164
C91 Dan Horsfall Escort Cosworth 163
B34 Rob Wiles RS 500 Cosworth 161
C100 Dave Naxton Misubishi 3000 GTO 161
C89 Neil Plant Subaru Impreza RB5 160
C98 Vince Cassidy Skyline R33 Vspec 158
C81 Michael White Subaru Legacy RS 158
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Class No. Name Car Speed
B21 Christian Doran Toyota Supra TT 157
B27 Alex Holdroyd Toyota Supra Turbo 156
C70 Kev Atkins Mitsubishi Evo 6 154
C65 James Kazim GTI-R 153
A1 Christian Major Escort RS Turbo 153
A7 Keith Taylor Escort ZVH Turbo 152
C71 Gary Nuttall Mitsubishi Evo 6 TME 152
A15 Geraint Williams Rover 620 Turbo 151
C88 Nito Morelli Subaru Impreza Prodrive 149
C99 Carl Grainger Evo 5 149
C87 Scott Parker Subaru Impreza uk300 147
B41 Tarek Ghouri Dodge Viper RT/10 147
C60 Lisa Diamond GTI-R 147
A3 Dave Edwards Escort RS Turbo 147
B45 Steve Ross Granada V8 Twin Turbo 146
C52 Michael Diamantides Skyline R32 GTR 144
B22 John Brannigan Toyota Supra Turbo 144
A12 Iain Pennykid Rover 420 GSI Turbo 143
A48 Steve Bowman Honda CRX JTEC 143
C61 Nick Kuorycz GTI-R 143
A19 Ian Blundell RS Turbo 141
B25 Sean Terry Toyota Supra 140
C82 James Holt Subaru Impreza 140
A5 Nigel Burroughes Escort RS Turbo 132
B43 Paul Hanson Cosworth Transit Van 126
C80 Mark Aigin Subarau Impreza STI 109 aborted
C85 John Felstead Subaru Impreza WRX STI 88 aborted
C96 Jason Gant GTI-R 72 aborted
C73 Jason Hulbert Mitsubishi Evo 4 RS 39 aborted

Again and again - They didn't stand a chance ;)



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If the skyliners could post what revs they were at when they hit their top speed that would be interesting...

Ronnie? Glen? Rupert? Dirk? Mike Smith? Henry?



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Hi Rob

I was hitting approx 8-8,500 rpm in 4th gear using the 33 box in me 34. Talk about long geared :D :D .

I've got to get it on a longer airfield to see what it'll do ;) .


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My speedo showed 190 or at least where 190 would be, its about a 10th of the way through the odometer screen! Goes to show how far out speedos can be as long as the gear used as Elvington was really accurate as well, I did 178 on the timing gear but showed 190, speedo's lose thier accuracy the faster you go hence the variation especially as the speedo is converted using an aftermarket CKDR.

I think I was at about 7400ish RPM, maybe a little more, cant really remember very well so 8500rpm on the limiter should be interesting as I dont know about anyone else, I had bags of power left, car was still pulling at 178, needed more road OR more power to get there quicker which is the name of the game at those speeds.

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Yes, A lot of them are out by a large degree.

I had previously calibrated mine with GPS on a dual carriageway, when it said 180mph on the speedo, it was 180mph on GPS, both were held for a steady mile.

In Germany we had problems with GPS, mine only read 184mph when the speedo said 200mph, whereas later DCDs read 199mph, when we were doing slightly less. I think the GPS we have is not designed for very highspeeds that are changing.

Hence why I say 'circa 200mph', since we do not know.

However, the car was pulling well above 8000rpm in 6th, I don't know exactly since I was watching the road not the rev-counter, which was just as well when someone pulled out in front of us at 195mph - ask Mark, or Warren what the language in the car was!


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Whats the equation for a 33 box with a 34 diff then

Cells to 'edit' are not 'locked'
Edit the cells in 'blue' with ur chosen ratio's.etc.
Enter combination's for any 4,5 or six speed car.

u can work out the

Weight Distribution Front/Rear
Tyre Diameter
Mph @ any Rpm u choose in said gears
Even reverse gear
Rev Drop chart so u see how much revs u drop when u change gear.
And at Mph how much Rpm u use in 1 to 6th gears.

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That sounds technical.

Rob. My 34 had given up 3rd gear around March this year but I kept it in until a couple of weeks ago. 33 box was a much cheaper option than another 6speed. Managed Germany etc., with the 34 box but was no good for launches.

Wow seems like I was the first in the UK to break a 34 box :( .


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Open the Skyline_5_speed chart and change the 'differential ratio' value from 4.111 to 3.545. That'll give you the speeds for a '33 box with '34 diff.


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May I ask how much power your 34 was pushing when you broke the 3rd gear? How did you break the gear......were you launching the car hard from a dead stop or just pushing hard at high speed?

I like to know because I can't afford a hollinger/sequential box :p

Thank you in advance ;)


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Hi Keith,

I was well chuffed with my top speed, I still had my rear wing on so may have gone even faster without it.

My power output i'm not sure about, at 1 rr session I had 515bhp at 1.15bar then at the next with the same boost only 474bhp. I was running at 1.35bar on the run so could be anywhere between 500-540bhp I guess.

Full spec on my website but basically usual induction bits with Intercooler, HKS2530 turbos, PowerFC and 600cc inj. Still running completely stock engine internals including stock head gasket and cams (done over 50k).

I'll get the vid clips from the runs up on my site once my home pc gets going again, should be next week sometime.

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