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hello to all

many thanks to all clubs and participants, spectators, helpers etc, who made today a superb event. hope you all had a great day as well.

a fantastic day of action for people and some VERY fast cars. hopefully the best ever gathering ever seen in the uk, hope you agree!.
all the full results will be available later in the week on our website
(we will probably post up the entire set in excel format, with every timed run, plus the top speed and handling cct times.) bear with us on that, to start with we will put out all the main results, and for each club a top ten etc.

we have two categories (fastest evo and GTI-R laps) to sort and award. just wasnt time to sift and verify the full lap times for those.
will be announced by end of week, and prizes/trophies sent out.

todays highlights and results

Fastest Drag Run 500 time (10am-3.30pm)
Class A Andy Nicholls Maestro turbo 14.19s 115mph
Class B Leon Green Supra turbo 12.96s 138mph
Class C Ronnie Skyline R33 11.97s 142mph

Fastest Lap
Class A Ian Blundell RS turbo 37.76s
Class b Martin Bell Fireblade Fury 33.79s
Class C Gareth LLoyd RS Esc cos 31.9s

Fastest Subaru Lap John Felstead

Highest Top Speed on day (approx 1.3miles!)
Class A Christian Major RS turbo 153.6mph
Class B Leon Green Supra 185.2mph
Class C Ronnie Skyline R33 196.6mph!!!!!!

Shootout winners Head-to-head 500m
Class A Andy Nicholls Maestro turbo 14.45s 111.5mph
bt Paul Ripley RS fiesta 15.02s 103mph

class B Leon Green supra 14.7s 139mph bt Mark Shead RS cos 22.03s 35 (run aborted)

class C Ronnie skyline r33 12.12s 135mph bt Glen Horncastle Skyline 13.02s 129mph

Overall 2wd Champion head to head
Andy Nicholls Maestro turbo 13.97s 119mph bt Leon green Supra (red light disq!)

Overall Shootout Winner 2wd vs 4wd
Ronnie Skyline R33 12.41s 140mph bt Andy Nicholls Maestro turbo 14.16s 118mph

final run for cameras
Skyline R33 Ronnie vs Leon Green Supra
12.38s 139mph 14.0 135mph

Class results 500m top 5 (from all runs in qualifying)

Class A Andy N 14.19s 115mph
2nd Paul ripley 14.86 112mph
Keith Taylor 14.98s 116mph
Sunny Khalsa 15.15s 114mph
Nigel Burroughes 15.67s 107mph

Class B
Leon Green 12.96s 138mph
Paul Ergatoudis Porsche GT2 13.23s 127mph
Mark Shead RS cos 13.39s 129mph
Steve Scott focus WRC 13.49s 131mph
Nadine Geary Viper GTS 13.84s 125mph

Class C
Ronnie Skyline R33 11.97s 142mph
Gareth Lloyd Esc cos 12.4s 129mph
Norris designs Evo 12.43s 135mph
Andy Barnes Skyline R33 13.1 130mph
Glen Horncastle R34 skyline 13.13s 127mph

thats it for now folks, full results in the week, will include all clubs lists.

website is

major plug for the video/dvd made today,will be available via website and post and trax 2002. all the cars, action etc, in-car, external , interviews etc.

see you all in 2003 for the Top ten II
(prob similar date and same venue)

final BIG thankyou to Guy, Glen, Mark @ Abbey and all the skyline gang for opening a few eyes to how fast a car can launch.
chris m
200 plus

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Top Ten Day

Thanks to you Chris for organising what turned out to be such a great event, with such a wide variety of cars.

To those that weren't there the summary is as follows:

The GTRs arrived, in full road trim, after hundreds of miles and running pump fuel. A lot of the main competitors (Cossies, Evos etc) arrived on the back of trailers, running stripped interiors or virtual race cars and Elf Turbo Racing Fuel cans were spotted.

The GTRs did their stuff, winning every category entered (well done Ronnie), except the handling circuit where Ronnie was beaten by a full race caged stripped cossie by only 1/2 a second.

We collected the trophies and drove every single one of our cars home - no casualties.

The competition went home on trailers, in pieces and amazed.

What a day for the GTRs, it certainly proved a few points to some people.

Special well done to the fastest 3 GTRs:

Ronnie 11.97
Glen 13.02
Dirk 13.1

And well done to everyone else who turned up in every other make that made it the day it was ( Vipers, Supras, Evos, Porsche, Cossies etc etc) - speed enthusiasts one and all!


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Re: Top Ten Day

Guy said:
The GTRs arrived, in full road trim, after hundreds of miles and running pump fuel. A lot of the main competitors (Cossies, Evos etc) arrived on the back of trailers, running stripped interiors or virtual race cars and Elf Turbo Racing Fuel cans were spotted.
The competition went home on trailers, in pieces and amazed.
What a day for the GTRs, it certainly proved a few points to some people.
Great report Guy if a little biased;)
Sorry I could not give my support, 18.5 hours overtime this weekend:(
Problem with very high performance cars is lack of reliability and short engine life. Therefore some turned up on trailers but since our cars are still driveable at 600 bhp plus (with a lot of parts still being standard as the originals are so good!) they can drive up and use road fuel:smokin:
Amazing that you are comparing Ronnie against Gareth Lloyd. I have watched him plenty of times in formula saloons and the car and the driver are superb. Still, amazing.
Is the GTR' performance and reliability still one of our best kept secrets?

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Excellent result all.

The fact that the Skylines that competed are "just" fast road cars and not race/rally hybrids mapped to non-UK fuel and transported to the event on trailers for fear of damaging them from normal driving says it all really. You've done us and our marque proud :)

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Well said Guy

and top result by all.
Just had a look at the other boards and everyone can't believe it.
Best comment is on the supra board...
"disappointing to hear that the quickest supra got beaten by a MEASTRO"
chuckle chuckle.
Just about says it all really.
Go the rocket and ABBEY - the gods.

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Great Weekend !

From Saturday morning to Sunday night, thoroughly enjoyable !
Every single Skyline that ran on Sunday, did us proud - the general comments on and around the web, are unbelievable, yes road cars do go that quick !

In no particular order thanks to:

The Dodge Viper in the way up the M1 for showing us the colour of his money :D, so Rupe got a better nights sleep !

Warren / Glen for sorting the hotel, although I wish you had organised one where the front doors reopened in the middle of the night so I didn't have to stand in the rain for 1 1/2 hrs ...

Andy, Paul, Gary and Rob for staying up until the bar shut, and Paul for conning the old man to give him a lift to his hotel !

Warren for getting us lost on the way to Elvington and the Abbey Van for rescuing us !

Jeckle and Hyde Glen, for the size of his Grin on Sunday after being meek and timid on Sat ;) Fantasic balls that man for launching it time after time after time - Amazing !

Ronnie - For his " ask him 'bout the engine, I dunno " to every question, plus - how we gonna make it get to 200 then Ronnie ? " I'll put me foot down this time " Classic !

To the Norris Evo boys on the trailer on the M62 on the way home, you just didn't have it - Not on the track and not with the lovely NZ girlies in the coach next to us - Who says a Skyline isn't a turn on - Class :p

And last but not least to Rupert for putting up with my heckling all weekend " just go for it you poof " BUT, we drove it home and its in one piece even after he let ME do a top speed run - 600 ponies and I got beaten by a fiesta off the line .. OMG ..

Nice to meet everyone else as well Lisa etc.



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Although the Maestro DID beat the SUPRA it was not from speed it was that the Supra hit a red light on launch... I noticed that the Supras got better the more the day went on... 186Mph Aint bad at all... Rocket Ronnie Really deserves his title of "The Rocket" Boy that car is fast!

Big shout out has to go to the Tigger Lady... She gave some of those cars a spankin off the line... Great take off technique! And reaction Time... Nice!

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Just to let you know that the only Cossies that were trailered to the event were the ones that still weren't finished. Some were still in the process of doing development work and so were trailered in case anything went wrong (which turned out to be a wise move ;) ).

Gareth Lloyd actually drove his car there (as it is taxed, MOT'd and fully road legal) and his brother followed with the trailer later. Unfortunately he broke something in the transmission after doing in excess of twenty standing starts. And FYI no-one got closer than 1.5s of his time.... ;)

Dan (AKA Monte) broke a drive shaft (replaced that) and then the gearbox pulled away from the engine - actually pulled the bolts out! So he went home on a trailer.

Only one car was running Elf Turbo fuel and that was one of the cars that was still running with problems and had the boost spiking at 3.9 bar :eek: , so it was used as a precaution to try and protect the engine. This car did not even appear in the top five due to it's boost and ACT problems, so no worries that it had an unfair advantage (grey Escort with black wheels). It spent the day using the runs to try and tweak the engine, but ran out of time.

However, I would just like to say what a gent Ronnie was. Boy can he drive and he was happy to chat to EVERYONE about the car. I have never seen anything so impressive and only wished the McLaren F1 that was rumoured to have been turning up had done so, so Ronnie could have humbled it! It was also a pleasure to hear proper figures quoted (Approx 680-720bhp) and not your usual Max Power "1200bhp" inflated figures.

The transmission on a Skyline is just so impressive and when I heard Ronnie say that it was standard, I nearly spat my drink out! Fecking hell! Cool car, cool driver and cool engine (a credit to Abbey Motorsport).

Think you should practice your launches ;), the RS Turbos would have beaten you off the line... :p

"For sale, one Escort Cosworth, will part EX for 680bhp R33 Skyline" ;) :D

See you all next year!

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Hats off to the Skyline posse for sure.

Ronnie's R33 is absolutely bonkers, I've never heard/seen anything this side of a Top Fueller that is as quick as that.

Dirk's mota is getting there (with all his secret mods and schneidy trips to G-Force mid week! ;) ) - (need to improve on the launching though ;) )

Glen's car is up there, Ruperts is tidy too - top job to all concerned.

What happened to that 3.0 litre purple R33 with the Gumball Rally stickers on it - he turned up then buggered off - did he run (whoever he was ?)

Jezz - nice to meet you, good fun on the M1 - you will be mine next time! ;)

Friendly lot you Skyline chaps - catch you again at another meet.

ps. did ANY of the Skyline's manage to preserve their front splitters after hitting the bump on the high speed run?!!

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well what can i say apart from best day out this year
top day boys.
good to see everyone and put faces to names
had to have a laugh to myself walking through the pits with Henry, he says to me look at the size of that bloke i thought well you are not very small yourself Henry. :D
with a few cars dropping out i was kicking myself that i did not take my car with me.

after watching rocket Ron getting off the line i now have a new start for crail next weekend:smokin:

next year Paul we will have to have a go


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well done everyone...

sounds like a lesson in performance from Ronnie..

does anyone have all of the results for the skyline team...?

It will be interesting to see some figures from everyone who went.


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Top 10


My report was of course not meant to insult anyone who turned up and ran and made it the day it was. The Cossies were great, especially the Lloyd car and also the rear-wheel drive Focus (I loved that!), I was just pleased we were able to show all the doubters.

Ruperts car will be quicker next year, once Abbey have fitted the automatic gearbox (just kidding Rupert!).....

The Supra was really quick at the topend, just couldn't get off the line, but the Porsche GT2 was a really cool car as well, he did 188mph and it's factory stock (but cost £114,000!)......

Top day, top cars, top people..

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