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Hi everyone just thought i would post this as the latest PR were using for the UAE based publications and since there has been nothing posted in UK i thought i would let you all see it here first, Brgds Lex

Feb 3rd 2006 - The TOTB- Arabia event in Umm Al Quwain was the first time there has been a focus on street and performance cars where drivers of abilities from all over the UAE can race together in different types of events. TOTB- Arabia, under the patronage of HH Sheikh Marwan of UAQ and organised by X-Sport in conjunction with EMSF (Emirates Motor Sport Federation) , launches a series of events around the world that will focus its attentions purely on streetcars. Commenting on this exciting new motoring event for the UAE, Lex from X-Sports commented, "we wanted to offer a new motor sport event that could be easily accessible by drivers of all skill levels, additionally it offers newcomers to motor sport an inexpensive introduction to an array of exciting activities including Drag Racing and Autocross which could hopefully lead drivers to compete on more competitive events in general for the UAE."

TOTB Arabia ran in a slightly different format to that of the UK event as this event focus was to find a UAE Champion. The first ever TOTB Arabia female entrant was Angelica Yassine in her Mini Cooper S who stole the show with her fast moves, event HH Sheik Marwan, founder of the Emirates Motorplex proved he has the talent and speed in his impressive Ford GT40 which stole the show for style. The TOTB Arabia Champion was awarded to Zlatko Mulabegivic from WestSide Tuning who scored ten points in Handling, Top Speed and came second in the ¼ mile challenge with a total points scoring of 29 out of 30.

Spectators were entertained throughout the day by the Show & Shine and Sound Off/ICE competitors and were amazed by the energetic displays from a local marshal arts group, live DJ’s added their own mix of spice to the days festivities. AC Delco Maintenance Free Batteries, sponsored this show with trophies going to Best Audio – Khalid Al Awar – Lowriders club in his Rockford Fosgate prepared Ford F150, Best Custom Car, Faisal Al Shamsi in his Skyline R33 from UAE Boost Club and Best in Show was awarded to Ali Thani in his highly customized Toyota Tundra, also representing the Lowriders club.

The sign on kicked off at around 8am when the most eager competitors turned up to register for the event and to take their cars to the scrutineering bays. All cars were checked and standard safety features were checked for compliance. The initial event to kick off the competition was the Handling course. A brief course walk by X-sport officials helped competitors to familiarize themselves with the configuration and gave an opportunity to ask questions. The handling event started at around 10.30am am with cars competing in their respective classes, RWD, FWD, 4WD and 4x4 groups. This course was designed to test the drivers and cars ability for a short tight course similar to that of an Autocross course. Some of the bigger saloon cars like the Nissan Skylines and Mustangs found it more demanding as they have much tighter turning circles but most managed to complete the course in average lap times of 37 seconds, the 2 wheel drive and and lighter cars understandably made better times, shaving at least 3 seconds off the 4wd’s.

One exception to this was the event winner for the handling which was Ali Hussain in his Mitsubishi Evo 6 Tommi Makinnen edition prepared by Thousand Dunes Garage in Dubai who completed the course in an impressive 34.5 seconds. EMSF marshals kept accurate times and recorded all cars for the final event and class qualifications. FWD class winner was Zlatko Mulabegivic in his Honda Civic with a best time of 37.93, RWD class winner was Jakob Devorajek in his Honda S2000 with 35.49 and the 4x4 winner was Stanislav Petroukhine with 40.81 seconds in his BMW X5.

UK TOTB veteran Adrian Smith in his 650bhp Toyota Corolla designed completely by his own hand at Fensport in the UK, commented “I found the handling track very tight and twisty, making it very difficult to keep the car on boost, but managed to set a good time on the first run of 36 seconds, the second run was much better through the last corner to get a 35.5. The 3rd run was a bit of a wild card, all was well until half way when the car slipped an inch offline and the grip disappeared in the sandy tarmac, so the run was aborted. The 35.5 run turned out to be a great time and good enough for some points.”

After the handling course was completed all drivers took a well deserved lunch and break for prayers. Next event was the quarter mile drag strip where cars took themselves to the purpose built Drag strip that has seen so many of the Middle East’s fastest drag cars run successive 6second runs on previous occasions. Drivers were given a few trial runs to practice the launch as most had not tried this before and so a few trial runs went ahead whilst the more seasoned TOTB drivers warmed their cars up in the paddock areas.

The best performing cars here were the 4wds, and the overall quarter mile winner was UKs Tim Webster in his Skyline NUR spec edition with a very fast 10.08 second run, the UK cars did extremely well in this event as they had experienced it many times before but had never experienced the sand and the heat, however they were still delighted with their overall performance and did well to please the crowds who cheered every time they took themselves onto the strip. Ron Kidel in his Skyline R32 set the track alight quite literally by his scorching time of 10.09 sec run still not enough to beat Tim Webster’s 10.08. Going strictly by UK rules the UK cars would have come in the top five places with the top fastest car being Ron Kidel, however the focus for the event was to find the fastest Middle East car and the UK rules in this case could not be applied. Fastest FWD car was Lorenzo Atienza in his Honda Civic who did a 14.35 and fastest RWD was Salim Bahadoon in his Ferrari F430 with 13.01.

Whilst drivers were competing in the quarter mile challenge, drivers were simultaneously running a top speed challenge which was run in the right hand lane where top speed was measured at 600 meters giving an extra 200 meters on the standard 400mtr quarter mile. Top Speed winner was UK based Ron Kidel in his Skyline R32 with 260kph, other class winners FWD Zlatko Mulabegivic again in his Honda Civic with 172 kph, RWD winner was Salim Bahadoon again in his exotica Ferrari F430 with 212 kph.

Overall the standards of the day were very high and drivers certainly know what they have to do for next years competition. Specially prepared DVDs will be available of the event and are given free to all competitors. Images of the cars and drivers are available through our official photographer and can be contacted through our email.

Special thanks go title sponsors of this event with whos support we would not have been able to launch such an event in the UAE, Al Kubaisi Group of UAQ, Gear One-The Automotive TV, AC Delco Maintenance Free Batteries, Castrol Middle East, Advan Yokohama, Performance Magazine, F1 NetCafe, EMSF,, Aquamist and to all Drivers, Clubs, Companies, Spectators and car enthusiasts who all helped to support the first ever TOTB event in UAE, roll on TOTB Arabia 2007.
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