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In 2005 the 22Bs, MLR and GTR Register agreed that we would donate something to charity. The two losing teams donated £10 per person and we raised £200 for a good cause for the MLR.

In 2006 we said we would do the same again and the MLR, 22Bs (Scoobies) and GTR Register agreed we should try and make an effort to raise more. The point was raised and members of the team that agreed said they would donate £25 per entrant. I'm pleased to say the MLR, even though they won, will also donate £25 per head - so we have £750 to give to charity. :)

Once we know the charity I will let you know. In the meantime if you would like to donate please send cheques made payable to the GTROC to the following address:
P.O.Box 43519
SW15 3WB

The GTROC will collate the cheques and send one to the MLR on behalf of the GTR register TOTB Team

I am sure Cem wont mind me saying, on behalf of the GTR Register I would like to thank all the drivers that took part at TOTB this year and let's see if we can raise even more money next year :)

... now. get your cheques in Team!!! :D :D

Thank you
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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