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Well Ben and Mr Yu how do you fancy this? I have always been involved in TVR trackdays in Northern Ireland at the Kikistown circuit (fastest in Ireland).
We have a track day organised on the 31st May 2010, which is for a full day.
The maximum number of cars permitted for the day is 30 with 6-8 cars on track at any one time. Plenty of session time and the food bar will also be open. Point is I no longer have a TVR, but a GTR and am good friends with the organisers so I have managed to get 10 slots on a first come first served basis. So 9 left as I am one of them. Cost is £90.00 and if passengers rides are required then its £10.00 per passenger for the whole day. (insurance).
There are good hotels nearby to me with plenty of parking.
So what do you think? Any takers?
If you want to go on the list please put your name down and I will contact you early next week with the payment (deposit details).
Ferrys are cheap if booked in advance hence the notice
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