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Hi folks,

JP here from the SXOC (200SX Owners Club) - I've been chatting with Andy Hornsby & John (Fuggles) about inviting your good selves to the trackday I've been organising for the SXOC, FTO Ireland, IrishRotary, SkylineOwners & the GTR Owners Club members in Ireland. :cool: I've extended the invitation to the Nissan 300/350Z clubs and the Toyota Supra crowds as well.

Originally it was supposed to be a small inter-club trackday but between SXOC, IROC & SO we couldn't fill all 40 spots on our own so I've changed the "theme" of the trackday to accomodate more clubs if they/you'd like to join us? :)

So-far we've got 200SX's, Silvias, S15's, Skylines, GTR Skylines, RX7's & (hopefully) RX8's, and we're hopeing to hear from people with 300ZX's, 350Z's, FTO's & Supras. The general theme behind the day now is japanese performance-car owners clubs, so genuine car enthusiasts all meeting up and getting to drive their cars to the limits they're comfortable with without fear of someone in a €100 scrapyard special flying into them sideways! :chairshot

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Details of the day are as follows:
Date: Monday 29th September 2008
Time: 1pm-5:30pm (track-time starts at 2, briefings etc beforehand)
Track: Mondello International Circuit, Co. Kildare

Bad news for the drifters I'm afraid though:
"Unfortunately we are not allowed run drifting sessions anymore, they were too noisy and tore up the grass verges, it's a pity cause everyone
enjoyed it but the boss is strict about it and absolutely no more drifting allowed on track days. Sorry about this but it's out of my control."

To make the cost of the day low enough for everyone (I'm aiming for between €175 & €200 per person for the day) we're looking for 40 people or thereabouts.

At some stage we may invite another/other club(s) to join us to make up numbers seeing as we're having the International track for the morning. Details of this will be announced at a later stage.

When putting your name down for the trackday please be aware that I'll be looking for a deposit of €100 from you as soon as you're name's up. I'm looking at getting a bank account that we can use for future events like this; for now just PM me & we can sort out the best/easiest way of getting the money to me or one of the other area reps. If there's a few of you in the same area & one or other is going to a meet in the mean-time for example then would be a good time to club together all your deposits and have them in.

Deposits are non-refundable. The only exception to this rule is if the list is full and if for some reason you can't make it, you can sell your space on the track to another member for the deposit amount or if you pay me the full amount up-front the same applies.

Any questions? Post them up here! :thumbsup:

Interested? Get your name down!!! :D

1) JP (Full Member) - Deposit Received
2) calicagesracing (Full Member) - Deposit Received
3) slammedmind (full member) - Deposit Received
4) stiv (full member) - Deposit Received
5) sxmad {membership on the way} - Deposit Received
6) Razzer (full member) - Deposit Received
7) S.K (Full Member) - Deposit Received
8. scoby (full member) - Deposit Received
9) blue d (full member) - Deposit Received
10) Don O'Gorman (Full member) - Deposit Received
11) B.E (Full member) - Deposit Received
12) Col200sx (Full Member) - Deposit Received
13) ...


1) jhinchy - Deposit Received
2) GMC S15 - Leaving deposit with Don for JP
3) ...

1) 2qk4u - Deposit Received
2) Zakktheaxman - Deposit Received
3) Colin777 - Sorting deposit with JP
4) Wozza - Deposit Received
5) Mul - Deposit Received
6) Duffman - will give deposit to DaveV from SXOC to give to Nelly to give to JP)
7) ...

1) Robbie - Deposit Received
2) DaveV - Leaving deposit with Nelly
3) ...

1) ...

1) ...
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