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Firstly Chris if you are reading this you know who you are and I know you know I wasn't checking up on you but this is brilliant and worth telling the tale.

OK. So I have had my GTR for a bit. I say "a bit" loosely because its slightly embarrassing in the whole context of the story. Anyway I didn't get round to renewing the tracker on the car when I bought it! Had a lot on excuses excuses forgot etc. Been on my radar to do.

In the meantime I nearly got rammed off the road by a tw4t in a merc cutting a corner on a B road forcing me to take evasive action causing me to swerve and put a rather large curb mark in my front left wheel. Devastated! Really looked after the car since I had it and I was totally gutted when I got out to inspect the wheel. Merc drivers can S M balls!

So I rang Chris after finding his company on the internet and looked at a repair. Awesome guy got on well and we did a deal to fix. I did say that if at any point on "Look North" if a black GTR was featured in the York area I would hunt him down!

Anyway slight problem with paint matching and circumstances beyond our control meant I had to leave my car with him. Also he would do all 4 wheels to ensure a perfect match. Work started Friday so meant me collecting Monday/Tuesday. Well me being the complete idiot I decided that whilst doing all this work fixing the car, I would go the whole hog and finally sort out the tracker issue!! One small problem. The fob is in my pocket :)

Rang Cobra. Tracker activated. An hour later "you car has been stolen". At this point I had the old angle/devil scenario going on. Do I tell the truth? Do I let the police stop Chris somewhere between work and home and arrest him?

Thought that would be a bit harsh seeing as he's sorting my car out. Confessed to Cobra after security and decided to ring Chris instead.

"You thrashing my car round York!!"

After my jokes about Look North this didn't go down well :)

Again after confessing all to Chris and reassuring him all was fine and he wasn't about to be arrested I sank a few beers and reflected on the days events.

Lessons learned :chuckle:

PS Chris if you did burn the arse out my car Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you got away with it!!! Just :)

PPS I have mileage :chuckle:

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I like (and have done a simalar thing) stories like that !!!
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