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Custom done Skateboarding PS2. Made to emulate a skateboard, this PS2 has a griptape section (small ps2 by the way), and features an immaculate small well made Globe Shoes Griptape design.

Covered with skate stickers, it also has a mod chip, and the controller is perforated in simple yellow and black grip, allowing for optimum grip after many long sweaty hours of gaming. WAAAY better then any cool controller, as grip is guaranteed to stay on hands.

Well designed, featuring skate stickers from Circa, Emerica, Burton, and NFA.

It also comes with GT4, Need For Speed Underground, MX vs ATV, Vice City, and tons of demos, and two mem cards, and one original Playstation controller, and two av cables.

Not some plastered PS2, well thought out, and made for a true skater.

Will trade all for XBOX 360.

Located in Canada, pics available upon request.

:). An amazing deal!!
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