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A look at the car today, and several things were pointed out, which has made me quite irate at the other shop that built my car before:

- one of the engine mount nuts was missing. wtf??? There are only two of them, how do you forget to put one on?
- the transmission crossmember is missing two out of four of its bushings (two per side).

where do I get replacement bushings? and although the OEM ones are rubber, my mechanic recommended solid aluminum bushings.

Have secured a RB26 dummy head and so boring/honing of the block out to 87mm will start this weekend. I'm in no hurry - I want this put together right, and then mapped safely. But man, after using a GT-R as a daily driver, my backup Hyundai Scoupe (which I'd been using as a rolling toolbox/portable storage unit) is depressing to drive. I actually wept after flooring it and having nothing happen.
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