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A heart felt BIG thanks to Andy, Alan and the rest of the team at ACSpeedtech for the rebuild of my transmission and fitting KW Sleeve kit and setup.

Not long after buying my GTR I started to get the "R-1-R" shift fail and the car was taken to ACSpeedtech for full diagnosis and repair.

I collected the car yesterday and it is now how it should be! I can now enjoy selecting reverse gear and getting it every time without any hesitation or clonking!

Andy spent an age walking me through the extensive work they had done and why. He also showed me how to use the ECUTek s/ware to go through any re-learn needed in the next 700-1000 miles. Intention then is to pop back and have the newest transmission software loaded - or I might be brave and try it myself. It is immensely reassuring knowing the team is there to advise and support you and help tailor the car to suit your specific goals.

Overall you could not find a more pleasant and enthusiastic team to deal with and the re-worked and uprated transmission is a total delight to use.

The KW Sleeve/setup is darned good too.

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