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Just some easy reading with a sting in the drift tail!

TRAX 2006

The usual start to the day then, up at 04-30 !

Guys I was taking with me arrived on time (for once Chris!) at 05-30

As most of you who were around the South East of the UK on the 3rd of September it was warm, humid and somewhat wet with a fine misty sort of rain stuff that made for a very interesting driving experience!

Unfortunately because my “proper” track tyres (Toyo R888) were down to almost illegal limit to use on the road and they had forecast rain anyway I used my nice shiny Image 19” X 10” wheels with NEW Toyo Proxes (275 x 35 x 10) tyres on em. When we left it was wet and slippery and that was just on the road!!! Got to Silverstone at
7-00 to avoid all the Muppets queuing to get in and got to the Club 200 + stand reasonably OK.

Took a bucket and sponge with me and gave the now ever beautiful BEUT a quick “water” clean (there were other Muppets there with a full Halford valeting kit)
Had the obligatory pee and coffee (not sure which would have tasted better, BUT I don’t drink pee!!)

Did all the usual chit chat with the other member “what have you done to yours this year, been on many track events, nice t*ts on that, they never made em like that when I went skool” etc etc

Got the car ready, harness, helmet (YES, its purple) checked vital fluids (had I had enough Beer the night before etc). Went the briefing session, handed over my life to Silverstone’s “carers” and got a very snazzy PINK wrist band!

First session at 09-40 (briefing at 08-30) All done and ready for the off.

Went out in the first session at 9-40 and it was as slippery as hell. I and most of the guys as it was mainly the 200 + Club were a little extra cautious. There can be up to 60 cars on track at any one time and some of the other attendee’s have just come out of nappies!! (Strange how they all seem to have a sideways baseball cap fitted to their heads though!) We all did the bizz, but mainly, kept it safe as we wanted to go out again and binning the car on the 1st out just aint good for business, friendship, or your looks after the other 59 people have met you in the pit lane!

2nd time out was and most of the Skyline Owners Club were out in this session and nice to meet up with some old friends again (chit chat in the Pit lane) the track was dry (err) but again quite a few knob heads especially in Corvettes!! They seemed to do exactly what American cars do best, OK in a straight line (if they knew anything about racing lines at all) but shite around corners!! BEUT’s tyres Toyo Proxes, harder compound, went off extremely quickly compared to the Toyo R888 I usually use and so after going literally “straight” round the corner. I again decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and reduced boost and in fact terminated the session early.
I was just using fuel which I could not afford to waste as there was NO fuel on site at Silverstone!! (Great eh, a racing circuit without fuel, a bit like a Pub with no beer!!)

When I returned to the club stand, I reduced the tyre pressure as they were at 38 hot and hence the straight line ability!! I reduced them to 23 cold, so when up to temp they would be a satisfactory 30 all round, and also played with the Tein Flex dampers to give less stiffness at the front end.

Ok now for session number 3 at 12-30 this was my best session, starting from near back of the 60 or so cars, I “made my way” through the pack! Good, clean (well err !) fun. The tyre pressure/damping force set up was just about correct, oh, and fuel, yes, fuel I had already used the ¾ of a tank in the first session, added my 25ltr Jerry can with octane boost to for the second session and was now down to the last drop and hence put the remaining 25ltr jerry can with the rest of the octane boost in for what would be my last session at 12-20pm. (If it lasted)

Oh yeah, and as I have indicated here, Tax did their usual thing when I request 4 track sessions, 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon of giving me 9-40, 11-20, 12-20 & 1-20. (Yes, I know it is literally am & pm, but) So, by the time you have finished the 11-20 session , get off the circuit, drive slowly past all the star gazing Muppets, get back to the club stand, let the car idle, re fuel, guess what, its time to make your way back through the maddening crowd and queue in the Pit lane for the next session !
Anyway, all ready for last session, queue up in Pit lane final check, seat harness tight, helmet on and we are off!!

Well for 2 laps!!

Someone had binned a small Pug, which had dumped it’s sump load of oil on the circuit which caught out the Honda Civic Type R in front of me, which did a very nice pirouette and the Scooby just saw it in time and avoided it but as I so far up his exhaust pipe, I put a rear wheel though it and felt a tinsey winsey uneasy slide as I went thought the next corner! RED LIGHTS. OK back to the pits, track fun over.

Time to enjoy myself and go and watch some 0-60 prints, take a walk around the trade stands which were not half as good as the previous years. Also, had to (as Chris and his new bird wanted to) go see now ASBO of motor sport “drifting” ??

I have stated my discontent with this taking over an event for the public who have paid good money for THEIR TRACK DAY OUT in previous threads on other Forums, BUT…………………………..

What’s the point?? Does anybody know how they score points??

Can’t see it myself, if you want to burn tyres I have a very good bonfire once a year on November the 5th !! Oh, hang on a mo, now I see there is a market to fleece the general pubic and make them think that a car going sideways is a new sport ??
WELL WATCH (take part in) RALLYING !!!!

All I knew was a Skyline won, so I was happy at that. Much happier with that then when I retuned to BEUT at 6-00pm to find a FLAT near side Rear tyre!! BOLLOX !!

3 people in the car with a shed (Chris and his girlfriend) load of stuff, a space saver tyre and no where to put the thumping great 275 X 19” X 10” !! Luckily, being a bit of a track day veteran I had bought a tyre pump, one of those you plug into the cigarette lighter (saves on the leg muscles) adjusted all the tyres & added “extra” air to the near side rear. Being sensible and not wishing to shred my new 275 x 10 x 10 tyre, I stopped several time on the 60 mile journey home to add air.

Got home just before 9-00pm knackered, tired and need of a shower. A long day, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world ! Bring on Donny in Oct and Goodwood in Nov.

See you all again soon & don’t forget the JAP Car show at Wellington Country Park on the 24th Sept. Dave & I will be there.

PS cheers for whoever put the note on the windscreen about the Flat, but I did see it as I approached BEUT
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