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This is copied from another thread in case you guys miss it and dont make it to Mimms on time in the morning.


if any of you guys 'n' gals will be coming to Trax on sunday morning with us lot from South Mimms please read the following:

You must make sure you arrive at South Mimms services in the main car park by 6.30am, make sure you have enough fuel on board to make it to Silverstone.

By 6.45am SHARP...we will leave South Mimms. We will be on a tight timescale and so will not wait for anyone.

The next stop will be Newport Pagnell services just outside of Milton Keynes on the M1. We are stopping here to let people fill their tanks with Optimax if they need to, also if you are taking your car on track, you'll need to fill up !!

The aim is to arrive at Silverstone by 8 - 8.15am This will mean we'll avoid most of the traffic. Last year, we were stuck in traffic 2 miles out from Silverstone at 8.30am.

The earlier we get there the better, it allows you all to get good parking in the club stands and avoid the traffic.

I do apologise about the strict timetable, we at Japukmeets are not like this usually, its just that I dont want everyone to get stiched up waiting in traffic.

Please add your reply to this post if you will be at Mimms by 6.30am.

Thanks and I hope to see you all on sunday.


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