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I posted this a while back but I need to sell the cooler for some extra cash to buy a car I have seen.I think Alan was interetsed at the tiome and posted me a PM.

It is the 1st upgrade Trust cooler, about 4 inches deep and better cooling than the original. In good condition and came with a low mileage R33 so good for a stage 2 conversion. It is not the big racing one.

Costs about 895 + VAT from Abbey/Hiteq so make me an offer. (looking for 400 )
It has been in my bedroom for the last 3 months and I have cleaned and polished it for you. How sad. 1st Upgrade TRUST cooler

Also for sale:

de cat pipe - 30 pounds.
HKS Power flow filter system - 150 pounds
HKS Panel Filter - 25 pounds.

I am based in Berkshire and my mobile number is 07733 365747 or 07968 065017.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts