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Terry from A1 Carbon formerly F1 Carbon is a crook and should not be trusted by anyone!

I have had parts on order from him since mid February and I left him a 1134 pound deposit while these parts were being made and I was told the lead time would be roughly 5-6 weeks. I have been very patient with him and gave him the extra time to make sure the parts were done right as I was told he done an outstanding job when making carbon parts

I began to question when they would be ready end of April and he told be they should be finished end of May and the only thing left was the side skirts. Again I was patient but never herd from Terry so again I emailed him asking when these parts would be ready start of last week and explained I had been waiting 15 weeks which was way over his proposed time to make these parts! I was told that they were finished and he apologised for the long delay and he would send them out that week if I transferred over the remaining 1185 pounds which I did and herd nothing back.

This week I started getting annoyed as it had been a week since I paid him and I hadn't received anything or herd from him at all! I emailed him asking where the parts were and his response was his former partner Martin had taken over the business and I should call him with my query.

When I phoned Martin yesterday my worst thoughts have come true and there wasn't even any parts made! A1 Carbon is currently going into liquidation and Terry has taken my money and many other people's money that Martin did not know about.

I have sent Terry a email requesting my money back which I doubt I will ever see again and I made the schoolboy error and didn't pay with my credit card so am 2370 quid out of pocket.

Give Martin his due he is going to honoured me the parts that I ordered and he will get back up and running in due course. I just want my money back so it can go to the right person that is doing all the work.
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