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I'll spare everyone the 'probably the best R33 around' speech...

Due to work and the fact that I haven't driven my car in such a long time, I'm considering selling up and looking at something different - I just can't seem to justify the outlay for the time I'm able to enjoy it at the moment.
I've personally done less that 900 miles in the last 19 Months and have started to loose interest TBH which I'm finding very depressing:cry:

This car has been my passion for the past 7 years and is reflected in the following spec;

Feb 1999 UK R33 Sonic Silver – Number 96, Middlehurst Supplied. (With all UK Modifications)

1 owner from new - me.

Full Service History, 5 years Middlehurst Motorsport & 2 years Abbey Motorsport.

40,000 Miles – 1,800 Miles on the Top Secret 2.8 N1 Engine.

All engine modifications carried out by Abbey Motorsport - Dyno Graph available on request.


Sard Stack Digital Dash.
Nismo Carbon Dash Kit.
Apex’I RSM.
DEFI Heads Up Display.
Kenwood KVT-920DVD – TV/DVD/CD
Kenwood KNA DV3200 SAT NAV
Connolly Full Leather Interior – Middlehurst supplied and unmarked.
Cusco Roll Cage – Through Dash with side bars (Body Colour).
Carbon boot trim.
Carbon Sill Covers.
Nismo Floor Mats
Nokia Bluetooth Car Kit.
Clifford Avantguard G5 ALARM with Autostart and smart windows.
Halon 1301 Fire Extinguisher.
FIZZ foot well lights.
Poppy Coral Carbon Air Freshener.
Do-Luck Floor Bar.


Nismo 400R Front Splitter.
Nismo 400R Front Bumper.
Nismo N1 Ducts.
Top Secret Carbon Bonnet.
Top Secret Carbon Bonnet Splitter.
Silver Bonnet Pins.
Garage Defend Carbon intake cover.
BMW large silicon wipers.
Ganador Carbon Mirrors.
Nismo 400R Side Skirts.
Nismo 400R Wide Arch Kit.
Nismo 400R Twin Carbon Rear Spoiler.
Nismo Carbon spoiler end caps.
Nismo B Pillar Covers.
Veilside C1 Rear Bumper.
PIAA Fog Lamps.
PIAA Horns.
Nismo 400R Decal.
Nismo Fuel Filler Cap.
Twin Bi-Xenon Headlight Conversion – custom made.


19x10 Volk CE28N Wheels.
285/30/19 Falken Tyres.
AP Racing 6 Pot Front Brakes.
AP Racing 4 Pot Rear Brakes.
Goodrich Braided Hoses.
Cusco Master Cylinder Stopper.
Tein Type Flex Suspension
Tein EDFC Suspension Control.
White line Camber Kit (Front).
Whiteline Castor Kit (Front).
Whiteline Camber Kit (Rear).


Top Secret 2.8L Engine. (N1 Block).
Piston: HKS Step 2 (88mm).
Conn-rods: HKS H-shape.
Crankshaft: HKS Step 2.
Ported: Fully done by TOP SECRET.
Polished: Fully done by TOP SECRET.
Camshaft: HKS 272/272.
Valve Springs: TRUST.
Valve: Standard.
Valve Guide: Standard.
Oil Pump: TRUST Big Capacity.
Oil Sump: TRUST Big Capacity with baffled.
Head Gasket: HKS t=1.2mm.
Trust Big Capacity Sump Extension.
HKS T04Z Single Turbo.
Exedy Triple Plate Clutch.
OS Giken 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox (Series II).
Trust Racing Exhaust (Full 100mm System).
Trust Racing intercooler.
Abbey Radiator.
Abbey Engine Ancillaries.
HKS Engine management system.


Spare UK Dash with Nismo White Dial Kit.
Spare Carbon Nismo 400R splitter.
Spare 18x10 Nismo GT-1s.
Spare 265/35/18 Yokohama Tyres – Fitted and balanced.
Original Bonnet.
Original Front Bumper.
Original Side Skirts.
Original Rear Bumper.
Top Secret Carbon Rear Diffuser. Brand New.
Custom Carbon Boot Lid. Brand New.
Do-Luck Carbon ‘Type 2’ Rear Spoiler. Brand New.
Carbon front Grill with ‘Old School Badge’. Brand New.
Torque Split Controller. Brand New.
‘Stiffy’ Engine Damper. Brand New.
Lightweight Wheel Nuts. Brand New.
Electronic Engine Start. Brand New.
Intercooler Purge Kit CO2/Nos. Brand New.

There 'is' loads more, but I can't remember them off the top of my head.

Serious enquiries only.

I will sell if the right offer from the right person comes along

Thanks for looking,

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The overall looking of your car is not to my taste but the engine man... Whaou... The specs & the way it looks... Just blows me away!!! :thumbsup:

Hope you"ll find the right person... ;)

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WOW matt i know you said you will be selling at some point but didnt realise this soon :( superb car, ive been in it and its mental and so well put together and i have to say possibly the best looking R33 around??

God i dont think ive ever seen so many top notch skylines for sale at any one time. i wish i hadnt started my project car now and just bought something like this!!

PM me a rough cost please matt, you never know!! my bank manager may be in a good mood LOL

What you looking for next?? another german machine?

Good luck with the same and give us a shout when your back around and meet up for a chat :)


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Matt what are you doing !! ... :(

i wanted to come and take some pics of the car with the new bits on :( :(


I'll be fitting the new parts if I don't get a reasonable offer so you'll probably still get the chance in the current market.
It's not my intension to just 'give' the car away, but if someone thinks they can offer a sensible price and is an enthusiast like me, then she'll probably find a new home.

Kirbz, I'll give you a call when I'm heading back to the UK mate.

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