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Hi all

I've got an R34 GTT which is a little sick.

Firstly, i've a missfire. the plugs have been changed which fixed the problems for a little while but it's now returned. I've been recomended that it could be the coilpacks which is the next thing i'm going to try. If this fails to be the problem, any ideas what it could be instead?

Also i've a horrible knocking coming from the rear. I've taken a look underneath and can't see anything loose which is odd as it's quite loud! Anyone experienced this before or got any ideas?

Once all this is fixed i'm looking to start tuning it. I've already got:

HKS Induction
Cat-Back Exhaust
Performance lowering springs

I'm thinking of downpipe and decat next. Is this the right way to go or should I look at timing etc first?


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