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I've a Subby 05 SPEC C TypE RA stock with miltek 70mm complete exhaust fitted and custom map. I'm happy with this car with about 330ps. The stock twin scroll turbo spool fast.

I'd want to ask you if is available a better twin scroll turbo, from you, for stock engine. So a turbo with the same spool, of Ra's stock turbo, but with a better top end power.



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Hi Carlo,

We hope to have our new Twin entry turbo in stock by the end of next month / early January.

This has taken over a year to develop and will be a direct bolt on replacement for the JDM STI. We will be selling two main versions of the Turbo for the 2.0 engine but we can custom spec a turbo if required. These will be 400bhp and 450bhp. We also have the Bosch injectors required for when you run over 380bhp.

I hope to have a update on our website during next week but if you have any question please feel free to email me.


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