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Hi folks <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Smilie" class="inlineimg" />

I absolutely love this car, and if I could keep it I would. A combination of factors have driven me to put her up for sale - a divorce, new job and the need for a more sensible and "respectable" car for work <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Frown" class="inlineimg" /> So unfortunately I've got a Peugeot diesel, and with me working pretty much all the time at the moment (and no change likely for at least the next 12 months) the Cerbera is hardly getting used anymore. I can't just see her sit forelornly on the drive so she needs to go to a new home where she'll get used properly.

And yes, it's got the lovely burbly, crackling V8 as opposed to one of those "made-out-of-chocolate" Speed 6 engines.

1997 'R' registration.
Crimson Starmist with biscuit leather interior.
Full service history (just serviced).
37,000 miles
11 months MOT and 5 months tax

Integrated FIA-approved rollcage (built into the interior trim)
AP Racing brakes
Shift light
£600 of Toyo Proxes T1R tyres all round with loads of grip left

Induction kit
Sports exhaust (yes, it pops, bangs and spits flames, just like every TVR should ***x1f61b; )
17" wheels (from the 4.5 model)
Tuscan S suspension
Fully Waxoyled
Single CD head unit

If you're looking at Cerberas you'll have realised by now that Cerberas - and TVRs in general - aren't priced like normal used cars. Condition, care and service histories are what prices are primarily set by, so no - this isn't the cheapest Cerbera out there. But you get what you pay for, especially with these cars. It's a lovely yet sensible colour that won't make you look like a plonker (bonkers, brightly coloured TVRs look great on calendars and posters, but in the flesh you feel a little TOO conspicuous...), and the golden pearl effect in the paint comes out fantasically in the sunshine.

THE PRICE *IS* NEGOTIABLE, as are all things in life (apart from when I issued divorce proceedings on my now ex-wife - but that's a whole other story). I'd rather see it go to a good home with an enthusiastic new owner than haggle too much over the final price, so try me - you never know...

I'm happy to consider a part-exchange - anything sensible, with full service history and no intergalactic mileages - up to £3,000.

I'm based in Bolton, Lancashire. Test drives are welcome but proof of ID, insurance and the full asking price must be put down as deposit. You break it, you bought it. Otherwise I'm more than happy to take you out as a passenger so you can see that it goes, corners and stops just how it should (and no, it doesn't go back in time when it hits 88mph).

The asking price is £13,500ono, but I'm flexible. Tell me a good tale and we'll see what we can do <img src="" border="0" alt="" title="Stick Out Tongue" class="inlineimg" />

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lovely car mate... interior & paint job is stunning. :thumbsup:

built in roll cage! :smokin:
Yup. I was very wary about buying a car with a fibreglass shell - yes it's lightweight, but what happens if you crash? So I did my research and found out about the integrated rollcage. The Cerberas were designed as pretty much track-ready road cars (they even come as standard with a helmet holder in the rear seats), so TVR included the rollcage as part of the standard design.

Having seen what happens to an R32 GT-R in an accident (like I used to have) and a Cerbera, I think I know which one I'd rather be in...

Some piccies to show you what I mean:

Unfortunately the rollcage is built into the trim of the car, so the only way to really see it is to find a piccy of a car that's been burnt :bawling: but with the plastic bodywork peeled away you can see the cage structure underneath:


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New pics taken today 4th December 2009 - weather was a bit grey so no real sunshine to bring out the red/gold paintwork, but good pics nonetheless IMHO :)

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