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Apologies if this has already been posted, I searched but couldn't see it. Below is a copy of a post made on a couple of the forums I use and I thought you lot should see it.

A few of the members aswell as fellow enthusiasts from other sites and forums have been discussing the publication of a Nissan Enthusiasts Magazine for general public sale. Here is a general outline of what we want to achieve, but what we need from the public is some feedback. If youre willing to support, contribute and buy such a mag, then please email me to show your support.

Send your emails to :[email protected]
Subject: Nissan Mag
Location (city/country):
Make and Model of Vehicle: (plus a BRIEF outline of mods)
Comments: Please give any encouraging comments.

The aim of a Nissan based publication is to produce a monthly magazine which will allow all Nissan owners and potential owners to discover a new side to owning a Nissan Vehicle. Weve all heard of 'Performance' magazines such as Performance Ford, VW, etc, but there is no official publication specifically aimed at Nissan drivers. What we're hoping to achieve is a upper class magazine which will cater for all models of Nissans, for every type of person ranging from your +18 ( who's just purchased a new or used Nissan and wanting to improve performance or styling ), to the +30 +40 etc,( who drives their Nissan on a daily basis to comute to and from work ). What we do want to avoid is the stigma which relates to most tuning/performance magazine, which is the 'Boy Racer' image. However, issues and features will cover items relating to this in order to maintain public interest. Below, ive outlined a general layout of the publication. Any further ideas can be added or altered in the future.

General content will include;

Regular car features (various nissan cars from LX's to GTR's)
News ( general news and updates from the world of motoring and factory news)
New products (styling, tuning, audio, services, gadgets and gizmos etc.)
Agony pages ( readers questions and answers)
Letters (readers feedback)
Directory/Advertising (for all aspects of tuning, stlying and services including finance and insurance.)
State side features (bringing the best and lastest cars over from the US. bridging the gap between Infiniti and Nissan)
History features (Taking a look back in time at all the forgotten Nissans/Datsuns that were once leading the way)
Web info (listings for clubs, groups, forums and website offering various related services)
Tuners and aftermarket vendors.
Used car section, Buyers guide.
Classified Adverts for cars, parts and services etc.
DIY guides for maintainance, styling, tuning, audio etc.

As regualar users of the internet will know, we have access to a never ending supply of infomation, and feature cars worldwide.

For our progress report, please visit Our Forum @
written by Kevin Shek
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