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Smooth Torque Performance visit the `ring twice a year, BUT, one of this years trip is going to be a bit different....

although organised in general by STP, some of this is now in need of some booking by yourselves, if you would like to go.

we leave thursday 29th July @ 9pm from Hull-Rotterdam on the overnight ferry. Cheapest way to book is by phone. Based on 4 sharing a cabin, and 4 cars. works out around £220-£240 each return.

then drive to:-
on Friday trackday open pit lane @ Zolder/Belgium.
you need to join lotus on track, £30 for the year.

then book for Zolder Friday 30th July @ £150. This needs to be booked asap.

then from there we drive to here

for fri/sat/sun night, nick (GTR-NICK) will sort this accommodation & price
out.. (he will need numbers asap)

then sat, 2 choices, Porsche cup vln series is on the
Nordschleife sat, so you can watch that this or, go on
the gp circuit, thats £30 a 20 min session paid on the
day as you enter.

Sunday is tf or public day on the Nordschleife, so you can buy
a ticket and go on here, 8am-7.30pm

Monday morning pack up and drive to spa

go here and register its free

then you need to book for Mondays session at spa. 2nd august
£350. + £50 for a garage if needed.

then we leave here after the trackday and drive to Rotterdam for the 9pm
Monday night sailing to hull arriving 8.30 am Tuesday

rough prices are

ferry 220 per head
zolder 150 per car
hotel 100-150 for the duration
spa 350 + 50 per car
fuel around 250-350 per car

around 1300 + spends

we would suggest if you are driving hard, some spare oil, filter, plugs and poss tyres. 888`s will be shot at after a couple of hard track days.

any questions, contact either Rockabilly or me good self....


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this is going to be an awesome trip....

please add your name to the list as i need numbers to book the chalets.

List of adrenalin seeking petrolheads going:-

2) Rockabilly
3) Kester
4) Air Con Tom
5) Big Tom
6) Damo W
7) Car32 (John P)
8) Worpdrive
9) Darren W
10) Dan G

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Nur-Ball Road Trip 2010

ok peeps,
ferry and accomodation booked... if there is anyopne else interested, please let me know by this friday.
i have manged to get the houses (chalets) at a special rate of 414euros for the weekend. so based on 4 sharing, only 100euro ea.
the ferry is £248 return, including cabin, car and evening meals, which is £50 cheaper than last year...

also, if you do not want to do the other track days, no probs, we will only be staying there for a couple of hours anyway, more of an experience rather than setting lap records...
the sight seeing part of the trip will be worth it alone.

there is now the fantastic and very RARE opportunity to drive the Nurburgring GP circuit on the sunday, for just 50 euors.... bargain.
this is going to be a ONCE in a lifetime trip... as getting all 4 tracks in, on the same weekend will not happen again for a VERY long time, if at all.... public days are increasingly rare.

so come on and join us... more the merrier

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i decided this evening to start putting together "some stuff" for the nurball trip next week... as you can see i think i am going to need a bigger car!
there will be 4 wheels across what used to be the back seats and this lot does not include fuel tanks for thtrack days, or clothes/shoes and any other **** i have forgotten -yikes....

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