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Good evening all.

Just been having a sort out in my workshop and still have a few parts from my old time attack build.

Have a unfinished dry sump set up that never got finished as the car got broke up.

Heres what I have.

Pace twin scavenge pump with fittings (brand new)
2 gallon tank (brand new)
Big oil cooler with built in 80° stat (needs a clean but no leaks)
Oil filter head ( drilled for oil temp sensor and needs a clean)
One off super low sump custom made 2wd. ( twin scavange and sits above the steering rack also brand new)
A few pullys and odds and sods ( pullys are new)

All thats is needed.

Pipe work ( did not get asfar to have the pipes made)
Oil pump bracket. ( I just mounted in on a old air con braket as a temp but did not get round to making a proper one.

Here's a few pics

any questions please ask and I will try my best to help

£1500 but open to offers


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Lance, show us pics of the odds and sods aswell as the Tank and cooler,

May be interested.

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