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I had this Full Billet NITTO custom made approx 4 years ago as at the time me and a friend were in the process of building a super high revving RB26, after speaking with people involved in this type of high speed engine it was decided that to SUSTAIN 12000RPM +, or in other words to be used regularly on track (constaintly hitting this RPM) and not as a drag engine the stroke would need to be reduced to bring down piston speeds and rod angle's, so we commissioned NITTO to make this 67mm stroke crank, sadly the project never got much past the early stages due to the key 'tech' person having a major change in circumstances.
So with regret i've decided to see if there's anyone else out there as crazy as me who wants to build a unique engine, which BTW was going to be Twin charged:smokin: I think anyone potentially interested in this will know of NITTO's reputation for high end/ high quality products which is why i went to them. The crank cost £3500 by the time it landed in the UK, it;s brand new never been used, copied below from the NITTO site

1. High Quality, High Grade true Billet Round Bar ready for manufacturing.

2. Exacting Machining process & removal of excess material.

3. Critical Machining procedure of Journals & Big Ends.

4. Final Shaping & Measuring process with triple checked quality control.

5. Finished Nitto 4340 Billet Steel Crankshaft - Quenched, Heat Treated, Fully Counter Weighed, Nitrided & Balanced.

I know this is only going to appeal to someone who doesn't want to follow the crowd and do something special, and it would be good to see this used rather than let it sit here doing nothing so the price is £1500 (£2000 less than cost) and one hell of a lot less than a billet crank of normal stroke.


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