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Dont think so

Not sure that you would need to do anything. As i understand it the ABS works off the wheel sensor and this sensor has no idea what size brake is bolted on to the hub.

I believe the sensor detects if a wheel locks up and then the ABS computer will cut the pressure to this wheel until the wheel sensor detects movement again. This is my understanding of ABS systems, what you will find is that you will lock up fronts much easier now with road tyres as you will have loads more torque with the increased diameter of the brake rotor and surface area of the pad. And the only way you can really stop this is to run better rubber or a larger contact patch between the road surface and the tyre.

The biggest benifit will be the increased mass of the larger rotor will store more kinetic energy (in the form of heat ) due to more mass. And it should cool better as it has more surface area to disapate this heat, and therefore less fade during your session. Hopefully :)
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