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Following on from our recent special offer, I've decided to offer them again as pre-orders for the next shipment that is being prep'd for us in Japan now.

As fitted to the CASTROL R32 built by Julian Smith / SRB / Bodymaster :)

Details as follows:

Black or Silver finish 5x114.3 fitment only.
4 x 8x17 £500 inc vat
2 x 8x17 and 2 x 9x17 £510 inc vat
4 x 9x17 £520 inc vat
2 x 9x17 and 9.5x17 £530 inc vat
4 x 9.5x17 £540 inc vat

Full payment or at least 50% deposit is required. Offer open until the end of this week only! So be quick!

Here's what they look like
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