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I found this on another site listed below and figured it'd make a much better reference guide for everyone asking questions about turbos.

Ultimate Turbo Reference guide for Nissans. - (site stolen from)

This is a thread for people who are buying a new turbo to be able to see what other guy's are using and what power figures they are making with what mods.

Make and model:
Size of engine:
Modifications to the car:
Type of turbo:
Trim of turbo:
Rear Exhaust housing:
When does vehicle begin boost:
When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI:
Does the vehicle have Cams? if so;
What brand:
What lift/duration etc:
Max power achieve at what boost:

Also feel free to post up Dyno sheets as well.

This thread is for references only, so can people please post up their mods and what power they are making with their aftermarket turbo's.

There is to be no discussion, this is a reference thread only. if you want to ask any questions please pm the member. any discussion will be deleted.
Also please use the template provided, just copy and past into your new post. this will make browsing and searching easier.

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