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Protection Detail 6+ months

If you want maximum protection for your vehicle then this is the service for you.

Designed for new / nearly new cars that do not suffer from swirl marks / light scratches in the paintwork.

The vehicle is firstly covered in snow foam cleaning agent and left to dwell for 5 minutes to loosen any dirt / grime the car is carrying.
The vehicle is then carefully washed using the 2 bucket method and fully clay barred to remove any bonded contaminents like road tar, tree sap and sometimes overspray leaving the paintwork silky smooth.
Now the paintwork is fully cleaned and de-contaminated its time for the protection to be applied.
For this we use products from Zaino. (regarded as the best manufacturer of sealant systems)
The first step is to use Zaino ZAI as a base coat for all the other products.
Then 3 layers of Zaino Z2 or Z5 polish is applied with Zaino Z6 gloss enhancer in between each layer to add to the gloss and depth of the paintwork.
With that stage complete everything is then topped of using Zaino Z8 spray seal.

Now that the paintwork is looking like glass its time for the finishing touches like sealing the wheels, cleaning the glass, dressing the tyres / under arches and polishing the exhaust tips.

On collection you will be shown the safest possible way to maintain the finish of the car.
Prices start at £225.00 and the car is required for 1 day.

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