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Japspeed Daiyama Coilovers R32 GTST, used from September to March covering about 5000 miles in the UK, the road salt
ate away the coating on the some of the springs but everything is still free and moving. £450 posted

Exe-tc Coilover Damper adjusters for those hard to reach places.£35 posted

R32 GTST and GTR Adjustable front camber arms. Moving freely. £90 posted

Cusco Strut brace, ends painted poorly, some surface marks. £80 posted.

Superpro R32 GTST (not GTR) Steering Rack Bushes. Brand New in the bag. £25 posted

Bee-R Power Builder, used and working correctly, I was using this with the handbrake for the launch control
so one of the wires is modified to keep it tidy and under the centre console. £110 posted

Walbro 255lph fuel pump, run on the dyno and removed as suspected to be the cause of low fuel pressure, but pump needed the
direct live feed upgrade so this is now spare. £50 posted

Hastings RB25 Standard size piston rings, brand new in the box. £80 posted.

RB Genuine N1 Oil pump. Run on the dyno for nearly 4 hours before the bearing
on Conrod 2 picked up. No loss in oil pressure, suspected badly ground crank was the fault.
The pump had bits of bearing run through it but has no marks on the housing, you can see some of the bearing in the photos.
I tried removing the bearing left on the pump surface as you can see from the marks in the photo. I'd be happy to
use this pump again since any bearing can only go to the filter next but the customer wanted a new one.
Since I couldnt remove the bearing myself, it doubt it come off on its own. Pump is still apart so you can inspect
it yourself. £100 posted

-10 Earls fittings 90 degree £15, 120 degree £15, Straights £7.50 each, £40 posted for the lot

Braided Oil line for RB20/25 engine with Garret turbo, made for 3071 in standard low mount fitting position but should fit others. £40 posted

Exhaust wrap. 10 metres brand new. £25 posted.

SFS Performace Silicone elbow, used to replace the standard Skyline pipe from the AFM to the turbo inlet. £30 posted.

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