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R32 GTR Parts for sale

All of the following parts are from my pretty low mileage 94 R32 GTR.

R32 GTR Turbos with elbows in good condition with minimum play £250

R32 GTR Turbos pipes £50

R32 GTR x2 manifold in good condition no cracks or damage £50

R32 GTR x2 manifold heat sheild £15

R32 GTR oem downpipe with Cat £60

R32 GTR stainless Steel downpipe £80

R32 GTR x2 MAF sensors £50
One is damaged as shown in the pictues so don't know if it's any good to anyone

R33 GTR OEM intake elbows in painted in gold £40

Thanks for looking


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Mot passable?
You don't need a CAT on a R32.
As it's a Jap import it wouldn't need one unless it's newer than '95, (i.e. R33-R34).

p.s. I hope I haven't just p1ssed on a sale. :(
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