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A few pics from trip to Las Vegas NV for the EcuTek dealer conference, Sema show, meets and general fun :)

Merv (ecutek director), Tobin (marketing director), Steve (tech dir), Rich (engineer)

Local GT-R for some Phase 4 testing

American breakfast

Gambling on another level out there

meal with Asnu UK, Iain, Adam, Ecutek, Sabulive (ex duke racing), Brett MRT (ecutek oz), John Vtune, + more. Great to meet everyone if only briefly

Sema show. first the bad...

and the good

Liberty X Toyo GT-R

Shin Inoue & myself

Good times in the Wynn

Main reason for going... Ecutek meeting

EcuTek Annouce GT-R Phase 4 RaceROM

Rolling Launch

Oil Pressure Logging and input to custom maps, so tuners can do oil pressure safety trip as Syvecs

Improved Custom Maps activation options. Maps can be made to stay on once activated - for Limp Mode or off when deactivated - for start up maps, run from engine start until deactivation condition

Simplified Boost Control

TCM Maps plus shift points

AFR Logging and fuel maps recalibrated against LM2

2D Map and Boost sensor scaling

STFT as custom maps input

Fuel level sensor as custom maps input

Knock Control enable/disable maps


Also met up with the Cobb Tuning team

photo shy Trey, Linc and Tim

EcuTeK party @ Trump

More ecutek party pics here

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Great post! What better place for a conference than Vegas, spectacular, only wishing I was priviledged enough to move in those circles :thumbsup: can't wait to get phase 4 on mine

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:chuckle: I See Iain has gone for the safe(ish) keeping his hands in his pockets route when having his photo taken with the Ecutek girls!! :nervous:
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