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Hi all,

Putting this up on behalf of one of me best mates. He wants to seel this to fund his next project... a cossie.

Anyway this is one of the the most powerful if not the most powerful MR2s in england. I know there are a couple of mean ones in Scotland and Wales.

Anyway it's car is 1992, K plate 60k roughly on the engine was rebuilt 2 years ago and has done 5000 miles since then.

Car is running 380.3hp at the hubs with 303ft/lb at 1.65 bar, Turbo is capable of 2 bar with more efficient cooling. Dyno sheets from Thor Racing to prove this. The spoiler isn't there anymore by the way. Anyway he's looking for around the £10k mark. Bear in mond this car has had tens of thousands spent and is abusively fast. pm me for more info.


Spec and pictures follow..


190mm SPAL puller fan on IC
2048cc overbored block
A/C radiator, pump and piping removed
Apex-i AVC-R
Apex-i Power FC with H/C
ARP head studs
ARP main bolts
Balanced crankshaft
Balanced pistons
Balanced rods
Blitz NurSpec R muffler
Blitz SUS filter
Custom 30mm IC fan shroud
Custom fuel rail
Custom oversized throttle pipe
Denso Iridium plugs
G-REX oil cooler kit
Gas flowed, ported, polished head
Greddy Catchcan with KN race filter
Greddy Intercooler
Heat shielded intake piping
HKS 1mm steel headgasket
HKS 264 duration cams (in and out)
HKS Duralumin cam pulleys
HKS valve springs
JE 8.5:1 0.20 oversized pistons
Magnecor 8.5mm leads
New shims
New sump
Power Enterprise 255ltr/hr fuel pump
Power Enterprise 800cc injectors
Revision 3 OEM igniter
Revision 6 deluxe fan kit
TRUST downpipe
TRUST intake pipe
TRUST T67-25 Turbo
TRUST tubular manifold
TRUST Type R wastegate
TTE 3 bar MAP sensor

Revision 2+ allround

Bomex aero mirrors
Border Carbon fibre bonnet
Colour coded side strips
Full Border bodykit with carbon duct covers
Garage BB Carbon GT Wing
OEM 1995+ rear lights (delocked centre)
OEM clear side repeaters and lights
Rear exhaust guard removed

Blitz dual turbo timer/boost guage
Defi 60mm boost guage
Defi 60mm EGT guage
Defi 60mm oil temp guage
Defi Link II unit
G-REX shift knob
HKS gauge steering mount
HKS Surefire starter kit
Nardi Turismo steering wheel
TRUST 2 pod A-pillar mount
Pivot Half Retractor light controller (lazy eye)

Bilstien shocks allround
TRD 40mm springs

Revision 3 OEM gearbox
SPEC 9lb flywheel
TRD triple paddle copper clutch

Alloys & Tyres:
Rays Duralim nuts
Toyo Proxes T1/S (215/40 and 245/35)
Volk TE37s (17")


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He hasn't taken it up the strip...never got round to it cos he's too precious about the thing (his own words!)

Probably high 11s

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Very nice car, well known on the MR2 forums.

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