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The time has come to move on to a new project.

This means I need to sell my current Type R - One of the most modded Type R Scoobs around.

Not to everyones taste and if you do not have anything constructive to say then DONT BOTHER. :mad:

Its a MY99 STI 5 Type R V-Limited in Sonic Blue.

not sure exactly on milage but im pretty sure its now on 51k miles.

The car does need to be mapped and this will be done later this month when it will also be MOT'd again and supplied with 6 months tax.

It has been fully undersealed but NEVER driven in winter and very rarely in wet weather. This car has been very well looked after and always serviced exactly on time.

Here is the spec. I dont think I have missed anything out.


STi 9 crankshaft
TSL forged rods
TSL forged pistons
Turbo Smart Blow off valve
lead copper bearings
Subaru main bearing set
Gas flowed and ported heads
Magnecor Leads
New water pump
New oil pump with modified pressure relief piston
550cc injectors
Equal length tubular exhaust headers
VF34 IHI roller bearing turbo
TSL Hi-flow 76mm Pulse Extraction Exhaust system (de-cat)
New timing belt and idler pulleys
Single plate AP racing organic clutch/cover with up-rated release bearing and pilot bearing
Light Weight 4.5KG flywheel.
Engine assembled with all new gaskets and seals
Parallel Fuel Rail
Green panel Filter
Inlet manifold stripped and repainted in matt black.
Samco Coolant hoses
Samco Coolant ancillary hoses
Samco Turbo hoses
Full set special edition Spec R under bonnet components.
Ecu mapped by Richard Bulmer
Peak boost 1.45 Bar.


Leda Fully adjustable coilovers
Solid Rear Drop Links
Front and rear upper strut braces


TSL WRC Front spoiler
TSL WRC Side skirts
TSL WRC Rear bumper extensions
Carbon Fibre bonnet with extra mini scoop
Carbon Fibre Roof Scoop
Carbon Fibre STI 6 Style Spoiler
Afterburner rear lights
Crystal side repeaters
Crystal indicators
Crystal side lights
Air vents in front bumper painted silver


Team Dynamics K2 19Inch wheels
Pirelli P-Zero Tyres


Ap Racing 6Pots Brake kit with 355mm Disks and braided brake lines (front)
Standard disks and pads with braided brake lines (rear)


Carbon effect interior kit by Nito sport
‘STI’ gear knob
‘Impreza’ Gear gaitor with chrome surround
Sparco Pedals
Sparco Steering wheel (buttons used for horn)
Knock Link
Lambda Link
Scooby doo air freshener (worth a lot of money)
Defi II Control Unit
Defi Gauge set up includes :

Water Temp
Oil Temp
Exhaust gas temp
Oil pressure
Boost pressure
Fuel Pressure

Will take some better pics at the weekend (daytime!)

Offers by PM. Dont take the p*ss.

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Give us an idea how much u are looking for the car, i meet people every day looking for decent Impreza's... how old is it btw, if its a v5 its going to be 98-99?

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kirbz said:
nice car but i think you could have worded your ad better and not been so aggressive and a price always helps as i know someone who is looking for a nice 2 door scooby ;)
I would let it go for 14k. I do need to shift it.

Ok so maybe i was a bit aggressive but on SN there are sooo many dorks who just make stupid comments :D

Anyway, Kirbz, dont you remember me? Its me ZEDSTER from the 300 Forum.

If your mate is interested let me know. I am sure he would be the sort to look after his cars. We could come to an agreement :)

Didnt mean be so arsy, just have no time for dreamers :)

Cheers Dude

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leggus said:
Give us an idea how much u are looking for the car, i meet people every day looking for decent Impreza's... how old is it btw, if its a v5 its going to be 98-99?
Its a 99 car mate. One owner in Japan. I imported it through TSL motorsport two years ago.

I am the only UK owner. It came over totally stock (no spoiler!) and I had ALL the work done by TSL.

I have spent almost 30K on the car. Its in VERY good condition


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Yes i dealt with Graham (TSL) five years ago, decated and chipped up one of my Scooby's.. made a good job of it.. they seem to know what they're doing...TSL = Trent Saab Limited..Wonder if they changed it now to Trent Subaru :)

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Gez said:
Why would you want to shift a 380bhp scooby. It would give a 550bhp skyline a good run for its money

Its certainly does and it has done time and time again. I just cant justify keeping it anymore.

I have other commitments and another car.... its a shame but it needs to go.

I just hope it goes to a good home :)

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That is an amazing Type R Mate...hmm brings back memories of my old one... would love another..infact dont suspose you consider pxing it for my T88 Supr ai have in the f.s section... could be your new project :D

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