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This is most likely the first and last time you're ever gonna see something like this for sale.

Extremely rare, complete Recaro Raptor interior, including front seats with airpump lumbar support, and retrimmed OEM rear seat.
Front seats sits on R32 rails, and the driver seat has the seatbelt thing attached.

Condition really is excellent, with not color fading, rips or tears. With a dryclean they will deffinately look brand new!

They are originally from Howsie's old R32 (See here) and were removed shortly after he sold it. They've been in storage ever since, but I'm now consindering parting with them, but only for the right price. Otherwise I'd rather keep them for a future project.

Price is set at firm £1.100 incl shipping

1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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