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My Car for Sale, re advertised with up to date pictures before appearance in Top Marques, I'd rather it went to an enthusiast:

Image uploading. Refresh page to view

WRX STI 5 Type RA V Ltd N0 856/1000
(the last to be imported to the UK)As standard the car has the quick rack, a closed deck block uprated drive shaft, and engine internals. (waiting to be flamed on this);) Do not confuse this car with a standard STi it is far better ;)

Only 8000 miles with service history, 1 owner, oil change every 3000 miles, redline oil in the sump and gearbox, spare oil available. Money no object project. Upgrade bills for over £16,000.00


Uprated Dampers RA dampers with eibach springs
Whiteline anti roll bars F and R
Whiteline antilift kit
Uprated STI LSD with electronic diff control
AP 6 Pot brakes
Cusco Carbon Fibre Rear Strut
Spec R Grp A front Strut

Scoobysport downpipe
Magnex Mid sec (non cat de res)
Scoobysport back box
HKS equal length headers
HKS front mounted intercooler
HKS oil cooler
SpecR Oil Breather (Not seen in piccies)
SpecR Air Box (Not seen in piccies)
HKS uprated wastegate
HKS racing suction
HKS Boost controller
HKS Turbo Timer
SX fuel pump
SX fuel actuator
SX fuel filter
Apexi 550cc Squirrters
MD 191 turbo

18” OZ P1 wheels with a Spare (Not seen in piccies)
STI boby kit
Armourfended all round
HKS oil temp guage
HKS oil Press guage
HKS boost guage
HKS exhaust temp guage
All of the above are mounted in a real carbon fibre pod with 4 guages a one off.
Unique Spec R aluminium Water bottle and Power steering
Momo Gear Knob

I may be asking for it but no kin stupid comments please, I am not in a rush to sell. I want it to go to a good home.

£24,500.00 ono in Top Marques for £25,000.00 this is a very special car. 0 - 100 mph in 10.9 secs.
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