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Hi. Did not spot you at Trax. What sort of power has your car got?
Another R32 did a 4.3 second run, even though he got bogged down at the start.
That was me and I was pretty mad. Clutch will be uprated for next year :) Problem with bogging down when trying to avoid clutch slip is resolved now that the roads are wet;)

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I was due to have it on the rollers a few weeks after Trax, but sinse then i lost compression on cyl no 2 and she started smoking between the gears so its currently under going a rebuild.
I'm led to believe from Middlehurst's who put a chip in it for me, it was running 375/400, obviously yet to be proven.
I've done the basic mods ie filters, decat, and running 1 bar boost. I'll let you know when i get her on the rollers.
It'll be a while, but good things come to those who wait


Cheers Mark
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