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This is the High Spec version of the Link G4 Plug-In ECU.

It suits all Skyline GT-R's (R32/R33/R34) and all R32/R33 Skyline GTS and GTS-t models (not R34 GT-T)

This model has more features than a G4, like Seq Spark, on board 4bar MAP Sensor etc, it is basically a V88/G4 Extreme in the convenience of a Plug-In.
Only reason I am selling it as Link are offering me a custom trial unit with some different stuff in it. (I work right next door to them)

It cost me $2580nzd ($1650euro) about a year ago, I'm selling it for $1400nzd ($900euro)

I will also throw in FREE a new XS Loom (expansion loom) and a Boost Control Solenoid

I can pretty much send it anywhere, normally would be about $60nzd ($40euro)
I am coming to Europe in 5 weeks, so can bring it over then if needed, will be in London for 4 days, Paris for 5, and from there just bouncing around the rest of Europe via the Eurail.:runaway:
PayPal payment preferred, or cash if you find me over there :)

PM me, or email [email protected]

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