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At the end of August I will have for sale a set of Volk Racing TE37 (18" x 9.5") in Skyline fitment/offset. These wheels are brand new, still in their original boxes, RAYS documentation and RAYS wheel covers. I will not be removing any of the wheels from their boxes so they will be in as new condition.

I had originally planned to keep these wheels but recent events, a desire to spend the money on power mods instead, and the fact I'm still very partial to R34 wheels means they have to go. :(

These wheels cost over £3000 to buy from any UK tuner - I'm looking to sell mine quickly, thus the price is £2000 which is a lot less than I paid for them and is an absolute steal.

If interested let me know on this thread of by private message, or via email at [email protected].

EDIT: Forgot to mention, they're bronze as in the picture above :)
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