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Which car do you want on display at Bolney 2006 ?

  • Jae

    Votes: 9 13.4%
  • R1 Nismo

    Votes: 36 53.7%
  • Luffy

    Votes: 6 9.0%
  • Hissingsyd

    Votes: 33 49.3%
  • JapFreak786

    Votes: 11 16.4%
  • Steve (aka A-Beut)

    Votes: 10 14.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Please can you vote for 2 of the cars in the poll. The 2 cars with the most votes will be in the "display area" at Bolney 2006 - 'Beauty and The Beast' and will be representing the GTR Register (the meet is on Saturday 8th April).

I will select the top 2 cars from the poll on Saturday 18th March - so the poll will run for 2 weeks.

Can I ask the owners of the cars in the poll to post up no more than 3 photo's of their car - so that everyone can see what they are voting for.

Many thanks.

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Remember guys, I need you to all vote for 2 cars (if i've done the poll correctly and it allows you to).


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I need pics to know how to vote as i have no idea what any of these car look like lol. Although that R34 does look sweet.

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Here's are a couple of older picture's of Jae's (it's been modified somewhat more since though :) ):


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I'm afraid that photobucket reduced a few right down to stupid sizes (320 x ???) ... poxy thing.

Anyway, it'll give you an idea on what you are voting on until the owners put up pictures of their own :)

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Voted Luffy & Japfreak based solely on looks. Don't know anything else bout the cars lol. So thats my 2 cents.

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That's a good point actually.

Can those in the poll post up engine shots of their car and a brief spec ? We are after "a beast" as well :)

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March 2006 Spec.

Nissan Skyline BCNR33 GT-R (Type 2) manufactured in April 1996.


Nismo RB26N1 bare engine
Tomei sump baffle kit
Tomei 1.0mm metal head gasket
Tomei Procam Spec 2 camshafts (270 degree inlet & outlet with 10.25mm lift) & vernier pulleys
Trust metal intake & throttle gaskets
Greddy Iridium 08 Racing sparkplugs
Mocal oil cooler & Abbey Motorsport remote oil filter assembly
Abbey Motorsport catch tank (& washer reservoir) with SFS breather hoses
Tomei fuel pump, fuel regulator & 600cc injectors
A’PEXi Power Intake induction kit
A’PEXi GT Spec intercooler & hard pipe kit
Stock R33 (Garrett) turbos with steel turbines & 360 degree thrust bearings
HKS uprated turbo actuators
HKS twin AFM delete kit
Tomei turbo elbows
HKS downpipes & Silent Hi-Power exhaust
Abbey Motorsport 80mm decat pipe
Mine’s VX-ROM
HKS F-Con V Pro
GReddy PRofec B-spec II boost controller (1.4 bar)
Splitfire DI Super Direct Ignition System
HKS Circle Earth kit
HKS GD Max twin-plate clutch (with lightened flywheel)
Abbey Motorsport transfer box rebuild & modified Nissan gearbox upgrade
Nismo Solid Shift gearstick (10% short shift)
Omex Shift Light Sequential
Techtom MDM-100N diagnostic display unit

Handling :
Rays Engineering Volk Racing GT-N 18 x 10 alloy wheels in mercury silver
Falken FK451 265 / 35 / 18 Y-rated tyres
Cusco brake master cylinder brace
Nismo stainless steel braided brake hoses
StopTech 355mm rotor 4 pot caliper front brake kit

Bomex AD-390 front splitter
Border Racing Aero Fenders (vented front wings) with Nismo smoked side repeaters and silver GT emblems
Top Mix twin blade rear spoiler on custom aluminium mounting plates
Leadership Force Cape titanium wing wipers
Rays Engineering Volk Racing centre caps for GT-N alloy wheels
Nismo carbon fibre B-pillar plates
Nismo white face dial sets in carbon fibre panels
Nissan Momo steering wheel (with airbag)
Maruta Design Nismo seatbelt shoulder pads
Redline Automotive leather gearstick & handbrake gaiters
Abbey Motorsport sunburst orange rocker & cam covers
HKS Kansai carbon fibre spark plug cover
Nismo oil, radiator & washer reservoir caps
Fusion Fabrication custom etched stainless steel fusebox cover
HKS Kansai Service front strut brace
Tein Bonnet Dampers

Dension DH100ix/DMP3c removable 20GB hard disk MP3 player & FM radio with Sony RM-X4S remote stalk controller

457 bhp at 6460 rpm & 380 ft/lb at 3800 rpm (peak 388 at 5130) - Abbey Motorsport hub dynamometer, January 2006. Flywheel figures estimated 500bhp & 400ft/lb.

Only the steering wheel, white dial sets & wipers were fitted in Japan.

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sorry its not put together as a show car under the bonnet, but time & money has gone in more important areas.

435 BHP at the hubs

HKS Front pipes - De-cat - Hi Power Silent rear exhaust
Tomei Pons camshafts -Tomei uprated fuel pump - 600cc injectors
Splitfire coil packs - Nismo panel air filter
HKS intercooler & hard pipe kit
Abbey - oil cooler & breather tank
Exedy – Twin plate clutch
Tein - Super Racing shock absorbers with dual EDFC -10kg springs
Adjustable tie bars & front lower links
Cusco - front suspension top links -rear suspension links
Uprated adjustable front & rear anti roll bars
Stoptech - brakes
Top Secret TE37- 18 x 9.5j -Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres 275/35 R18
Carbon - Front lower bumper & splitter -Nismo style – Carbon Fibre Bonnet
Top Secret - Carbon Fibre - Rear Diffuser

Nismo white faced speedo cluster
Pioneer AVIC DVD sat nav
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